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Capilix, a leading provider of sensor technology, was founded in 2005 and is a spin-off from the MEMS company Lionix. Capilix focuses on development and supply of modular sensor solutions based on our proprietary lab-on-glass-chip technology and has special competencies in the field of microchip capillary electrophoresis. Capilix develops these platform technologies into on-line analysis instruments for use in various industrial environments, mostly water related.

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Capilix’s vision is to change the status quo; rather than wait for laboratory results before changing process parameters, we measure directly at the process: immediately cutting the time required to improve product and water quality.

To implement this vision Capilix has developed a new patented Q-Watch technology. This robust industrial technology integrates stand-alone operation, on-line analysis and microchip CE technology. This enables heavy duty on-line chemical analysis of your industrial water process with lab quality results. Specifically, Q-Watch technology is expert in determining concentrations of many different ions present in industrial water installations simultaneously,( i.e., in one run). This particular approach has several known applications such as controlling water quality in drinking water plants, process control in waste water treatment and nutrient monitoring for zero discharge greenhouses.

Measurement capabilities include NH4+, NO3-, H2PO4-, Fe3+, Ca2+, Mg2+, etc. Furthermore, the same instrument can be used for analysis of different classes of ions, e.g., inorganic anions or volatile fatty acids, simply by using adapted chemical recipes. There are a number of advantages to Q-Watch technology including: a short response time, integrated calibration, one instrument for multiple components, and the wide range of dissolved substances that can be monitored.

Capilix is focusing primarily on applications in industrial (waste) water plants and has extensive experience in different fields of ion monitoring in various industries such as, the pulp and paper industry, greenhouses, anaerobic treatment, drinking water, etc.


Fixion Pulp & Paper

Water is required in almost every step of the production process of pulp and paper. Sustainable water use has become an important focus of the industry. The water cycle of the production process is closed more and more, with some mills achieving completely zero discharge. Concentrations of volatile fatty acids (VFA’s) are an important quality parameter in the water cycle. High VFA concentrations will induce a bad smell to the paper products. ...

Fixion Water Hardness

Hard water causes scaling problems in household machines, such as washing machines, co ee makers and kettles. Hard water can also cause scaling in industrial installations. In some places the water used for drinking water production contains high hardness levels. Hardness is then reduced by industrial water softening techniques, such as ion exchange, membrane osmosis or precipitation. There are known costs and hazards associated with ion removal ...

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