Carltex is a leading North American distributor of Measurement and Control products. Our focus is on Data Acquisition (DAQ) solutions for a wide range of industries including Pharmaceuticals, BioTechnology, Food, Transportation, and all other sectors that need to monitor, record, and analyze various physical parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure.


SQ1 - Steam QualityTest Kit

The SQ1 Steam Quality Test Kit has been designed to comply with EN 285 with a single improvement to the methodology. It should be noted at the outset that EN 285 specifically allows alternative procedures, provided that they have been calibrated against the standard methods. Instead of the non-condensable gas test being as described in the standard, we provide a condenser system which we have found to be safer, more robust, easier to use (less ...

MicroLog Temp/Humidity Low-Cost Data Loggers

Whether your product is vegetables, medical supplies, ice cream or industrial chemicals. Whether you need to transport your products by air, land, or sea. Whether your goods travels for hours or weeks, MicroLog will ensure that they are being transported under the proper conditions at all times. Two built in quality sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity, and an additional external sensor for adding the sensor of your choice, a memory capacity ...


SensorLink PRO

SensorLink PRO PC software with RS232 cable and upgradeable firmware for additional probes. SensorLink PRO is used for logged data analysis, charting and reporting. SoundLink LITE PC software is used to download, review and export saved and logged data to other spreadsheet software applications. Optional frequency analysis PC software SoundLink PRO is used for data analyses, charting and reporting.

SCAN 1000 X4++ Software

Scan 1000 X415/X425/X435 is a menu-driven SCADA software package, running under Microsoft Windows, for industrial and scientific real-time monitoring, data logging and control. Scan 1000 X415/X425/X435 needs no programming; configuration and control of the software is achieved by simple menu selections and dialogue boxes. When running, the system is specifically designed to enable it to be used by non-technical operators, keeping training to a minimum, ...


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Monitoring and Testing

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