Clean Air Engineering’s experience stretches across a variety of industries concerned with Air Quality Management. Air pollution control and engineering services, stack-testing, compliance audits and equipment rental-- this is standard environmental compliance fieldwork, and our field services are highly respected in the emissions monitoring business.

About Us

Since its founding in 1972, CleanAir has an established reputation for excellence on projects of all sizes, ranging from boiler, APC equipment and cooling tower efficiency testing to SCR baseline testing and optimization to hazardous air pollutant (HAPs) studies and CEMS RATAs.

The strength of CleanAir's organization is its solid base of professionals with boiler and air emissions testing, combustion, flue gas cleaning, engineering, heat rejection, regulatory, and analytical experience which have performed thousands of projects on hundreds of utility, industrial, municipal solid-waste (MSW) and hazardous waste boilers in the United States and abroad.  

In addition to the strength of our professional organization, CleanAir has extensive equipment resources maintained through CleanAir Instrument Rental as well as CleanAir Express , which provides in-house manufacturing capabilities for customized sampling equipment such as HVT probes and multi-point sampling grids.

Aim, Vision, and Values

Our Aim

To be recognized, worldwide, for providing the highest value products and services in support of global sustainability.

Our Vision

To be the world value leader in all our businesses.

Value leadership means continually discovering new ways to define, create, and deliver ever-increasing value for our stakeholders. See 10x program for more details.

Our stakeholders include our clients, team members, share-holders and community.

If you want to benchmark from our vision and would like to see more on how we do this, request more information here.

Our Values

Our values address how we will achieve our aim. These values, we believe, are core to our organization. They are what we stand for, what we’re all about.

The CleanAir 10x Program

CleanAir's aim is to provide the highest value in everything we do. Our goal is to define measurable benefits on every engagement and deliver value worth at least 10 times our invoice.

We start by gaining an understanding of your big picture objectives by exploring all the possible high value opportunities and goals in every new business opportunity before we start discussing the details.

Don't be surprised if our Instrument Rental or Express service representatives want to know your project objectives and how the equipment you are inquiring about will support those objectives. We have learned that the more we know about how our equipment will be challenged the more we can do to ensure a successful outcome.

Our testing service consultants and sales representatives will ask questions to determine the financial impact to your business and how we will jointly define success.

As economic and environmental goals converge we believe the global environment will benefit if all of our projects deliver 10x value. This may be wishful thinking but we can make a big difference if we all aim high.

Safety Program


CleanAir recognizes the importance of the health, safety and welfare of our most valuable resource:our employees.Furthermore, we realize that safety plays a vital role in increasing the value of our products and services for our clients.Key considerations in CleanAir's approach to our health and safety policy include the development of programs which promote consistency, standardization of equipment and hardhatprocedures throughout the corporation in order to maximize the ability to interchange personnel, and participation in internal joint venture projects.Special attention is afforded to each safety program component to ensure ease of implementation, comprehensive training and that it can be adequately monitored.

Safety procedures that CleanAir develops and implements are posted on a company intranet site devoted to safety.  This site serves as the holding place for all safety procedures, audits, training information, reporting data/forms, and all other materials that are related to CleanAir's safety program.


The primary goal is zero incidents in the workplace.  Secondary goals are completing the OSHA Challenge or similar program for all our offices and ultimately becoming a recognized VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) Star company. 

The OSHA Challenge Program caters to employers interested in improving their safety and health management systems and expediting their efforts to attain VPP status.   CleanAir's president, Bill Walker, has signed the agreement with OSHA promising to provide leadership commitment and resources to effectively implement a VPP caliber safety system.

After completing the OSHA Challenge cooperative program, CleanAir will apply for VPP status. VPP is designed to recognize and promote effective safety and health management.  In VPP, management, labor, and OSHA establish a cooperative relationship at a workplace that has implemented a strong safety program.

VPP participants are a select group of facilities that have designed and implemented outstanding health and safety programs. 'Star' participants meet all VPP requirements. 'Merit' participants have demonstrated the potential and willingness to achieve Star program status and are implementing planned steps to fully meet all Star requirements. 

The following benefits have been cited by current VPP participants:

  • Improved employee motivation to work safely, leading to better quality and productivity;
  • Reduced workers' compensation costs;
  • Recognition in the community;
  • Improvement of programs that are already good, through the internal and external review that's part of the VPP application process;
  • VPP participant sites generally experience from 60 to 80 percent fewer lost workday injuries than would be expected of an 'average' site of the same size in their industries.


Air Dispersion Modeling

Air quality modeling is used to predict concentrations of air pollutants that disperse and react in the atmosphere. Air Dispersion Modeling simulates emissions as they are transported through the atmosphere. These models take into account atmospheric conditions, such as meteorological inputs; and source data, including stack height and emissions rates. Dispersion Modeling provides necessary data for regulatory applications; and can be used to assess ...

Mercury Monitoring Services

Whether you need to purchase a mercury CEMS, looking for a sorbent trap or analytical supplier, or want operational support and training, CleanAir’s Mercury Team is dedicated to help you successfully meet your monitoring challenges.


14th Annual EUEC 2011 - Energy, Utility & Environment Conference & Expo, ACHEMA 2012, Air & Waste Management Association 106th Annual Conference & Exhibition 2013, Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) 2012, Pollutec Horizons 2011

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