Ammonium Probe

Solid state, combination electrode for measuring ammonium ions in liquid samples. The probe will work with any standard mV meter or the CG001 meter.

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Multi-ion Calibration Solutions (Set of 3 bottles)

Our unique multi-ion calibration solutions allow for the simultaneous calibration of the multi-ion probes. We custom make the calibration solutions to match the samples you are measuring. The closer the calibration solutions are to your sample range, the more accurate the probe will be.

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Ammonium Kit

Solid state, combination electrode for measuring ammonium ions in liquid samples. This solid state robust probe is ideal for use in laboratory or field applications. All single ion kits include a meter, probe with a combined reference electrode, calibration solutions, MeterLink software for data management and...

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Multi-ion Kit

The multi-ion kit allows for the rapid, easy and simultaneous measurement of calcium, chloride, potassium, sodium, ammonium, nitrate ions and temperature.

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pH Probe

Solid state, combination electrode for measuring pH in liquid samples. The pH probe will only work with the CG001 meter.

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Laboratory Ion Analyses

Our single ion and multi ion kits allow for real-time laboratory analysis of one to six ions simultaneously with one probe. These ion sensors along with the reference electrode are solid state which allows for easy handling, storage and maintenance. No filling solutions nor buffers are required. The sensors are based on carbon nanotube technology allowing for reliable and reproducible measurement of ions in liquids.

Environmental Water Analysis

Now for the first time you can measure ion levels in drinking / tap water, rivers and lakes using one probe and one set of calibration solutions. We have probes specially tailored for environmental testing. Our Environmental probes measure Chloride, Ammonium and Nitrogen or we have a total nitrogen probe measuring Ammonium and Nitrogen. Each probe can be calibrated in our unique calibration solutions allowing you to calibrate all sensors simultaneously and take measurements in drinking or river water. Probes...


CleanGrow Multi-Ion Meter launch makes impact

An Irish start-up firm has capped its first year in business by coming fourth among the 10 otherwise Dutch contenders for the Horti Fair Innovation Award. Cork-based CleanGrow launched its Multi-Ion ...

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Globally (various continents)

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