Coastline Surveys Ltd. (CSL) Group provides professional independent marine data acquisition, interpretation and consultancy services world-wide from operating bases in Gloucestershire, Norfolk and Cornwall. Our highly qualified and versatile team of scientific and industrial specialists provides the complete service from field operations to consultancy needs. We are experienced in site investigation and survey for marine construction, environmental impact assessment and oceanographic monitoring. We also provide hydrography, bathymetry, oceanography, geology, geotechnical and geophysical surveys, multibeam, swathe, and ecological and environmental studies.

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Coastline Surveys lid is on established and independent marine survey contractor with operational bases in Falmouth, Cornwall and Lowestoft, Suffolk. Marine investigations are undertaken throughout Northern Europe with capability for worldwide deployment.

Established in 1991 to undertake predominantly bathymetric and geophysical surveys, the Company developed in-house geotechnical capabilities in 2009 at Lowestoft with a range of owned vibrocores, grab samplers, CPTs etc in addition to expanding a comprehensive suite of bathymetric geophysical and markie environmental survey equipment.

We are particularly experienced in markte and riverine surveys which others may feel ore inaccessible, logistically too complex, or too small to be worth their while undertaking. Full onshore support is provided by a team of professionals and our dedicated processing and laboratory facilities ensure a rapid turnaround of results and reports. Coastline offers a wealth of scientific and industrial experience and expertise in-house and we pride ourselves in our strong liaison with experts nationally and worldwide. Small enough to offer a personal bespoke service and individual customer-focused solutions, yet large enough to conduct and conclude specialist surveys near and offshore. Coastline is dedicated to providing the highest possible levels of safety and service. Efficient, effective and easy to do business with. Coastline Surveys Ltd offers solutions for all your survey needs.

Coastline Surveys Ltd regularly participates in marine surveys associated with port development, dredging, marine mining, construction and industrial monitoring compliance projects. Scientific research and policy development relating to coastal zone activities is also undertaken in association with national governmental organisations.

Coastline Surveys Ltd owns and continually invests in new technology and has lead the development of several novel data acquisition techniques tailored to specific Client needs.

Integration of data with management structures has led Coastline Surveys Ltd to develop graphic visualisation techniques in reporting to display multidisciplinary geoscience data in a format that non-specialist decision-makers can quickly assimilate.


Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar

The GeoAcoustics Dual Frequency Side Scan Sonar system is the ideal tool for seabed feature mapping, offering flexibility and high quality results in a simple and reliable package. The system offers high resolution, switch selectable, dual frequency operation (100/410 kHz), which when combined with multiplexed data transmission enables a low drag coaxial tow cable to be used. This also facilitates simple installation onto remotely operated vehicles ...

4000RSi & 4000DSi - DGPS Reference Surveyor & Differential Surveyor

The 4000RSi Reference Surveyor receiver and 4000DSi Differential Surveyor receiver incorporate the latest in GPS technology, offering true, real-time positioning accuracy better than 0.5 meter. Based on Trimble’s advanced Maxwell processing technology, these DGPS receivers provide the highest level of accuracy even when operating in the most challenging conditions. The 4000RSi receiver operates as an autonomous reference station, generating DGPS ...


Marine Civil Engineering & Harbour Development

New civil engineering projects surveyed by Coastline Surveys Limited include bridges, dams, marinas and berths. Within established ports and marinas also there is a frequent requirement for quay and pier extensions as technology and commercial activities change. Both the physical entity of the constructions and the surrounding area have to be surveyed prior to and after work on the project for environmental and structural integrity. Geophysical ...

Oceanographic Surveying & Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Impact Assessments are playing an ever increasing role in marine resource management, especially in the extractive and waste disposal industries. Local and national authorities and public and private industry are increasingly required to monitor impacts on the environment ranging from measuring discharge of pollutants into watercourses, contamination of sediments, interference with benthic processes, to alteration of flow patterns caused ...


HYPACK Hydrographic Survey Software Summary & Screen Samples

HYPACK is a Windows based software package used primarily for hydrographic surveying and data processing. It is optimized to run under: Windows 2000, Windows XP. HYPACK performs all of the tasks necessary to complete your survey from beginning to end. Geodetic Parameters. Planned Line Design. Equipment Configuration. Data Collection supporting. over 200 sensors. Data Processing. Tides and Sound Velocity. Sounding Reduction. Export to DXF/DGN. Plotting of ...

HYDROpro NavEdit & Processing Software

Trimble’s HYDROpro software suite is a comprehensive hydrographic survey package designed for today’s diverse hydrographic industry. The suite offers a total field-to-finish solution for a wide variety of survey applications, including bathymetric charting for ports, harbors, and river authorities, sedimentation and erosion studies, environmental research and monitoring studies, volume computations for dredging programs, and site survey charting for ...

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