Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

Tronco 1, Sector E Lote 14, Final Rotonda,, El Encinal, zona 7 de Mixco |010057 Guatemala

CONSULTORÍA Y TECNOLOGÍA AMBIENTAL (CTA) is a multidisciplinary consulting group with more than 15 years of practical and professional experience with 3 offices, in Mexico (Mexico City), Guatemala (Guatemala), and Chile (Santiago). We have experience in carrying out environment, health and safety, and sociocultural and biodiversity reports for the industry. We have our own accredited ISO 17025 Environmental Laboratory, and an electronic laboratory for the calibration and maintenance of measuring equipment.



CTA focuses on developing environmental, biological and social assessments and monitoring for the industry in México, Central and South America

SERVICES include:

  • cyanide management code auditing, 
  • aquatic life and wildlife monitoring, 
  • hydrological, hydrogeological, geologic studies, 
  • environmental permitting
  • environmental monitoring and baseline acquisition (air, water, noise, stacks, oders, u.o.)
  • community managemenent
  • health and safety monitoring (vibrations, gases and vapors, noise, air), assessment and auditing 
  • quality control measruments (compressed air)
  • topographic studies and GIS
  • maintenance and calibration of monitoring equipment
  • environmental laboratory
  • industrial monitoring (ventilation, compressed air, air emissiones inventory, u.o). 

About Us

Our Vision:

To be a leading company in the provision of environmental consulting services that satisfies the needs of our clients in the international ambit and exceeds their expectations of quality, safety, service, and cost; being able to develop a long-term relationship based on communication, commitment, cooperation and confidence.

Our Mision

We offer technical assistance to companies in order to make production and development compatible with conservation and environmental protection.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Compliance
  • Quality Work
  • Spirit of Service
  • Loyalty


Geographic Information Systems

The GIS department covers CTA’s needs for the development of studies regarding geodesy, land registry and general mapping, including monitoring, project areas, biophysical and socioeconomical data, or information in a user friendly platform like Google Earth.


Environmental, Health and Safety Services

CTA´s Environmental Health and Safety department team has chemical and environmental engineers with experience in planning and developing environmental, health and occupational safety studies.  These involves, among others, environmental baseline data gathering which allow determining the environmental quality before the implementation of a project, and subsequent monitoring in order to determine changes and trends during time.  ...

Cyanide Code Audits Services

CTA and ENVIRON have established an agreement to provide International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC) audit services to precious metal mining clients.


Company details

Business Type:
Consulting firm

Industry Type:
Environmental - Environmental Management

Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Year Founded:


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