Consultoria y Tecnologia Ambiental, S.A.

Tronco 1, Sector E Lote 14, Final Rotonda,, El Encinal, zona 7 de Mixco |010057 Guatemala

Consultoría y Tecnología Ambiental S.A. (CTA) is a leading multidisciplinary environmental consulting company. Since the year 2000 we have been dedicated to provide strategic advice and technical assistance to develop projects mainly in the industry sector of energy and mining in Mexico, central And South América. We comply with international standards and are registered and accredited to present reports for environmental authorities.

Environmental, Health and Safety consulting company

EHS Consulting services in Mexico and Central America

We provide following services:

Air Quality Measurements: particullate matter, combustion gases, sound pressure level, odors, weather conditions, stack emission

Water Quality Measurements: water quality and flow rate measurements

Occupational Health and Safety: Environmental Health and Safety Manuals, Work Risk Assessment, particulate matter and gases, audiodosimetry, electromagnetic fields, thermal comfort, vibraions, ilumination, ergonomics, sick building syndrome

Biological Studies: Impact Assessment and Wildlife Management, Baseline/Aquatic Biology Monitoring, Baseline/Terrestrial Biology Monitoring, Ecotoxicology, Specimens Taxonomic Identification, Bioassays and Specific Studies, Metals Accumulation

Studies for environmental permits: Permitting  and complementary studies

Geotechnical studies

Geographic and Survey Systems: Google Earth mapping, GIS Proyects, Geodetic, Topography, Geodatabase, Aerial Fotrography, DEM, Cartography, GIS Workstation, GPS, training.

Community Relations and Archeology: Characterization of the socio-economic environment, Community Relations Management, Process of Information and Public Disclosure, Landscape Study, Traffic Study, Land Acquisition, Archaeological Recognition Rescue, Human Development Index

Maintenance and Calibration of Equipment

Laboratory Analisis



Water Quality Analysis

CTA carries out this type of analysis to determine the quality of the different water bodies and water matrices. It also used to detect changes and / or trends compared to an established baseline or to local or international water quality guidelines.

Particulate Matter

Particulate Matter is a complex mixture of suspended particles in the air which vary in size and composition depending on their sources of emissions.


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Consulting firm

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Internationally (various countries)

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