Copdel, Inc. is a company specialized in the development and worldwide distribution of new and innovative oil spill control equipment. The company is located near Quebec City, in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The company was founded in 1995 by Mr. Gilles Duchesneau and Mr. Jean-Pierre Bourque, former Canadian Coast Guard Marine Environmental Emergency Managers. The Copdel team is composed of ex-Canadian Coast Guard personnel that have over 75 years cumulative `hands on` experience in marine pollution emergencies in Canada. These many years of experience have enabled Copdel to develop innovative ideas and equipment designed to increase your response capability as well as meeting your specific needs concerning marine oil spill incidents in a cost-effective manner.

About Us

  • The Protecteur is such a revolutionary new piece of equipment for controlling accidental oil spills occuring at marine terminals, which Copdel is proud of.
  • The Protecteur provides many advantages over old-fashioned oil spill countermeasures equipment.


  • The Protecteur oil spill containment system is currently in use at numerous major dockside transfer installations.


Protecteur - Oil Spill Protecteur for Operational Marine Spills

The great majority of tanker oil spills happen while an oil tanker is at dock. This is the reason why Copdel has developped the Protecteur Series equipment. The Protecteur is a revolutionary remote controlled oil spill containment system. Once in the water it is activated in a matter of minutes by one operator standing on the dock. It instantly creates an oil-tight pool confining oil spills between the ship's hull and the dock's face or in between two ...

Protecteur - Model 400 Series (Scissor Type) - Free-Floating Unit for Oil Spill Control Equipment

Free-floating unit requiring no H-beam installation. Ideal for fullface dockside and for ship-to-ship oil transfers.

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Health and Safety - Oil Spills

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Globally (various continents)

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