Premier manufacturer of end-suction certrifugal pumps ranging from 1.5 inch to 54 inch discharge size. Cornell designs and manufactures pumps for agricultural, municipal, industrial, food processing, refrigeration, and hot oil applications. High Efficiency Horizontal & Vertical Centrifugal Pumps: Non-clogs, Water & Recovery Turbine.

About Us


Cornell Pump Company has been setting the standard for premium quality, efficient centrifugal pumps since 1946. Our products are engineered to be rugged, durable, and dependable as demonstrated by our two-year warranty.

The Golden Impeller in Cornell pumps can be found hard at work for raw water intake, water processing, pressure boosting, refineries, energy recovery, cooling towers, distillation systems, wastewater processing, food processing, DAF systems, and power plants.
Cornell understands the importance of reliable, safe, clean drinking water in today's environment. Indeed this endeavour is at the heart of many environmental problems around the world. We know what is at stake when there is an insufficient amount of reliable, safe water to meet domestic needs. Consequently, an increasing number of local and state governments have come to rely on Cornell to meet their pumping requirements year after year.

At Cornell, we have built our worldwide reputation on reliability. Our centrifugal pumps are engineered and manufactured to provide dependable, efficient and economical operation over time.

ISO 9001 Certified


Cornell Pump Company recognizes its responsibility as a manufacturer of quality products/provider of quality services. To this end, Cornell Pump has developed and documented a quality management system. The quality system complies with the international standard ISO 9001.

Cornell Pump Company proudly maintains its ISO 9001:2008 certification. This certification validates that Cornell is in compliance with all the necessary processes to meet customer requirements. The elements associated with ISO 9001 certification include such areas as contract review, design and development, production, purchasing, quality control, and service.


Engineering And R&D

Cornell Pump Company is known for innovative designs at the leading edge of technology. Many Cornell innovations have evolved from our commitment to our markets and the ongoing effort to work with people in their industries to solve pumping problems. Many unique and innovative 'firsts' have resulted from Cornell's willingness and ability to adapt to changing requirements in the market.

The Pump Experts

Cornell Pump Company has an experienced and dedicated workforce. From our Registered Professional Engineers to our manufacturing teams we are dedicated to provide you with the most efficient and serviceable pumps in the industry. If you need assistance with installation, start-up, or maintenance of your equipment, Cornell stands ready to help.


We Put Our Best Ideas To The Test

Our modern hydraulics lab is the proving ground for all Cornell pumps. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient pumps at a time when energy costs are escalating.

Technicians, under the direction of Registered Professional Engineers, conduct certified performance tests that precisely determine the performance and NPSH required for particular design conditions.


Cornell pumps are top quality, with each part machined and built to our exacting standards. Our team of exceptional machinists, craftsmen, and assembly mechanics work with some of the most modern manufacturing machinery and hydraulic testing equipment in the world to bring our customers a state-of-the-art product.

Customer Driven, Made To Order Product

We believe in our products and services. We work hard to develop a one-on-one relationship that will carry you through your purchase experience and continue to support your after market needs. With an eye on quality, we build products the way you want them. From stock pumps that meet your most common demands, to one-time made-to-order designs for special applications, chances are if you need it, we can supply it.

Product Offering

Cornell pump provides a complete line of standard and special purpose centrifugal pumps from 1' to 30' in discharge size. When our stock pumps are not adequate, our engineering group can be put to work customizing a product specifically for your application, be it it the agricultural, industrial, municipal, mining, or refrigeration market.
Global Presence

Cornell Pump Company is more than pumps. When multiple products are needed we provide our customers with a single-source global partnership network. We meet our customer’s needs with matched performance pumps, motors, gears, valves, piping, and controls for virtually any industrial, municipal or agricultural application.



The story of Cornell starts in 1946 when 5 people working at Pacific Pump Company decided to head out on their own.

Having a complete service department, they became familiar with what most of the common pump failures were. Many motor failures came from pressure spikes during operation, overloading capacity and water related failures of the pump end motor bearings. With many parts in stock and facilities to fabricate the rest, Cornell would service any model of pump.

Can we do better?

The Cornell team asked themselves, 'Can we do better?' In 1949 (at 265 North Hancock, P.O. Box 7762) the 'Rain-O-Flow' irrigation pumps were designed and manufactured to be irrigation specific models with features that we felt would solve many problems that we were seeing in the repair shop.


Pump School and Product Line Development

During this time Clint Warren travelled around the country giving lectures on applied hydraulics. These evolved into what we now know as Pump School.

Soon farmers and industrial clients had other pump needs that they asked Cornell to address. The non-clog line of pumps was developed to deal with solids in the pumpage. We started building completely portable sewage lift stations in various sizes and shapes that incorporated vacuum primers, dehumidifiers, and control panels. (Compak Station) Also during this time we had a large stock of Johnston turbines on hand for rental.

Production Line

Used primarily in bridge and dam construction, these massive units provided the capital for Cornell to expand its product line. The interaction with construction companies lead to new developments. During dam construction, the thick concrete traps heated up inside causing the concrete to cure unevenly and thereby loose strength. The solution was to modify a Cornell water pump to pump liquid ammonia through the concrete to cool it.

Then we adapted our new coolant pump to a system for a refrigerated warehouse for Safeway and it worked (2CB). Now Cornell ammonia pumps are used all over the world in warehouses, on ships to keep fish fresh, in large buildings as part of the air conditioning system.

Cold stuff to Hot stuff

We can pump cold stuff and we've proven that, but what about hot stuff? Cornell water pumps were once again modified to pump hot compressor and cooking oils. Now virtually all Frito-Lay fried products in the U.S.A. (i.e. potato chips, corn chips) are cooked with Cornell equipped fryers and the potatoes that make those chips are pumped through Cornell pumps. Every french fry sold by McDonald's in the United States goes through a Cornell pump at one point in its short, delicious life.


Around the World, around the World

Where else have we been in the the last 50 years? To the Superbowl – Superbowl 23 in 1989 at Joe Robbie stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. The natural turf in the stadium is irrigated using Cornell pumps.

And after the Superbowl, where does everybody go? To Disneyland! Cornell pumps run many of the water displays and attractions at Disneyland.

We were at Mt. St. Helen's in 1983! Cornell pumps were selected when the Army Corps of Engineers needed to drain water out of 2,500 acre Spirit Lake. Volcanic debris had plugged the lake's natural drainage and if the 'earth dam' had been over run it would have caused flooding and damage to the recovering towns below. 20 Cornell pumps with a capacity of over 100,000 gallons per minute were on site and running 37 days after the contract was awarded.

All over the world, Cornell pumps can be found irrigating golf courses, and Cornell pumps are irrigating crops in Africa, South America, Europe, Canada and Asia.


Cornell - Model 8STL - Self-Priming Pump

Cornell’s self-priming pump, with industry-leading efficiency, runs several percentage points higher than other manufacturers. Features patented Cycloseal backplate and uniquely designed volute for best performance, with a 8” suction and 8” discharge.

Cornell - Hydro Turbines

Cornell has been building Hydro Turbines for more than 50 years.  Our Hydro Turbines can be found in Industrial, Municipal, and Agricultural power generation projects around the world.  With our wide range of turbines you can generate power with heads as low as 55 feet and flows as low as 90 gallons per minute.



WEFTEC 2012 - 85th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, WWETT - Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show

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