CPL Carbon Link is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of FILTRACARB speciality activated carbon and associated adsorption technology. From manufacturing bases in the UK, Asia and Germany, CPL Carbon Link utilises the latest technologies to provide a comprehensive range of activated carbon products for all applications. With the combined extensive resources of the CPL Industries Group and CarboTech Akivkohlen GmbH, CPL Carbon Link provides unrivalled expertise in the supply and application of activated carbon on a worldwide basis.

About Us

Established in 1990, Activated Carbon Link is an expert in the worldwide supply and application of activated carbon filters.

We have manufacturing bases in Europe, Asia and Australasia. Our knowledge and experience has driven high levels of repeat business over the years, with customer retention rates of almost 100 per cent.

We offer a range of carbon adsorption products as well as equipment and related services to help you meet the highest standards to meet environmental legislation as well as wider public concern.

Our products are already used in many domestic and industrial applications ranging from shoe insole deodorisers to the manufacture of complex industrial chemicals.

Our Values


Working ‘by the book’, to ensure a safe and minimum hazard working environment for our customers.

Our site services crew leave all sites in a clean and safe condition.


Taking responsibility for not only the waste and safety of the companies we serve, but also, of their health and happiness.


Fully trained and capable site services, and customer service teams.

Our staff possess a wide range of technical skills, from chemistry to engineering.


Continuous development and testing of our products.

Our own UKAS accredited laboratory.

Environmentally Responsible

Committed to the regeneration of activated carbon products, and the reduction of used carbon heading to landfill sites.

Where Are We?

CPL Carbon Link has manufacturing bases in Europe, Asia, and Australasia. Our head office is based in Chesterfield, England, with multiple other UK offices.

  • UK based regeneration plant.
  • 2 UK Warehouses.
  • Operation of a UK waste handling and transfer station.
  • Partners with 3 UK grinding facilities.

Who Are We?

CPL Carbon Link – The Active Force in Carbon

CPL Carbon Link are experts in the worldwide supply and application of activated carbon filters. We offer a wide range of carbon adsorption products, as well as equipment and related services to help you meet the highest standards of environmental legislation, and the wider public concern. Our products are used in a wide range of domestic and industrial applications, ranging from shoe insole deodorisers, to the manufacture of complex industrial chemicals.

•    UKAS accredited laboratories.
•    Specialist activated carbon selection.
•    Full range of environmental tests carried out.
•    Wide range of technical skills.
•    Responsive to your needs

CPL Industries

CPL Carbon Link is a part of CPL Industries, Europe’s leading and most innovative manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of solid fuels. CPL Industries consists of a very diverse group of companies, from CPL Coal Products, and CPL Renewables, to CPL Laboratories, and CPL Ceramic Welding.


Model AX0 4x8 - Granular Activated Carbon

Filtracarb AX0 is a granular activated carbon manufactured from specially selected grades of coconut shells by a steam activation process. The material is manufactured under stringently controlled conditions to produce a porous adsorbent with a highly developed internal surface area.

Clean Flo Adsorption Systems

CPL Carbon Link offer a standard range of modular filters for use in both the liquid and vapour phases. The CLEAN-FLO modular adsorbers provide a solution to the control of VOC emissions to atmosphere and prevent the discharge of dissolved organics at levels over permitted consents


Filling Service

This work is generally undertaken using high power water jet eductors to pump a slurry of water and activated carbon into the adsorption system. This method offers the benefits of being simple to operate, minimising attrition products and assisting in commissioning procedures

Removal Service

This process is often considered both difficult and laborious involving the use of significant numbers of man hours for even the smallest filtration systems. CPL Carbon Link undertake this operation using high volume, air conveying equipment designed for the transportation of granular products. The system provides the facility for the transfer of spent adsorbent into a variety of bulk containers to assist in the easy removal from site.

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