CSRware is an industry pioneer in the delivery of energy & sustainability management software to monitor, measure and take action on environmental compliance, carbon / GHG accounting and energy control. CSRware offers a dynamic modular Sustainability Resource Management platform to focus on delivering an innovative technology to promote environmental sustainability and energy efficient solutions. CSRware is a “Pay-as-You-Grow” software with modules focused on Energy & Sustainability Management (ESM) and Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC) solutions. Environmental compliance and conflict minerals integration. Prices start at $99...ask us how to get started at http://CSRware.com/scorecard/

Application/Industries Served

Energy & Sustainability Management - ESM Lite

ESM-Lite is listed on the Amazon Marketplace and available through registration.CSRware.com allowing your organization to get started quickly and at a low-price point.  You can use all mobile devices, your PC or Mac to enter, modify or view your key environmental sustainability compliance data. 

Prices range from $99 - $499 / month. 

You can now easily comply with regulations, inbound surveys or just manage your own internal environmental, health & safety activities or across your supply chain.


Environmental Compliance and Management Services - Environmental - Environmental Management

CSRware professionals can assist you with getting started on how to identify your GHG reduction goals, how to identify energy, water, waste, chemical and other natural resource data to apply metrics for performance management. We can work with your team to develop survey's, scorecards or other mechanisms to gather the data required to help identify where your organization is at risk of not being in compliance. Our team will determine how to implement software to automate the process for you in order to...

Environmental Compliance and Management Software - Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems

To automate environmental compliance and management, you can now upload and add data to apply key metrics to measure and address risk management. Please review our Energy & Sustainability Management (ESM) software to manage your global environment, carbon footprint and compliance using our cloud-base software. You can now upload Excel, remove Excel and integrate all your metrics to report to ISO 14001, Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative or for own internal reporting.


Software Training & Deployment Services

This solution is recommended for organizations that have experience in carbon & sustainability assessment or already have experts on staff. CSRware provides comprehensive training on sustainability and carbon management techniques, supply chain compliance and the carbon management initiatives and reporting objectives to ensure that the organization will get the maximum benefit out of our software platform. The training will focus on how to best ...

Sustainable Supply Chain - Scorecard Management

CSRware services defines surveys and scorecards of plant requirements, compliance and allows you to accurately gather key metrics from your remote factories or suppliers.  You will no longer need to manage Excel, repeatedly enter survey responses, or manually collect responses.


CSRware - SSC - Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC) Software

e-Procurement, Green Purchasing, requires a broad reach into the supply chain. SSC measures performance based on natural resource optimization, GHG management and costs savings through scorecards and surveys. SSC release consisted of various features to allow customers to easily address complex data collection, analytics and reporting across their supply chain vendors. The software is accessible without software integration. The end-user is only required ...

CSRware - ESM-Lite - Energy & Sustainability Management - ESM Lite Software

ESM-Lite is a starter software allowing companies to get started without significant risk, costs or complex integration. The product has been deployed to companies for the purpose of addressing natural resource optimization, GHG management and costs savings. The software requires limited setup and is available through a very simple online implementation process. The software is accessible without software integration. The end-user is only required to ...



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