Dais Analytic Corporation provides industry-changing, nanotechnology-based applications for heating & cooling, water treatment, and energy storage. These applications are reshaping traditional notions of energy efficiency, economics, and eco-friendly products by both reducing environmental impact use while lowering costs.


NanoClear - Purifies Water

The NanoClear process brings clean, affordable water to a world with limited and diminishing fresh water supplies. Meanwhile, the world's ever-growing population has a strong thirst for clean water. NanoClear offers an affordable, effective solution to this global problem of increasing water demand and diminishing supply. Using the Dais nanotechnology polymer, NanoClear purifies water at the molecular level. This method allows only water molecules to ...

NanoAir - Heating & Cooling And Refrigeration

NanoAir is a breakthrough application that addresses both Heating & Cooling and Refrigeration. A single NanoAir unit can replace traditional heaters as well as air conditioners, while simultaneously delivering better air quality and significantly higher efficiency. NanoAir can also be used to significantly lower temperatures, offering an extremely efficient alternative to conventional refrigeration units. By using only water, NanoAir offers the ...

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