For more than 25 years DMT Environmental Technology (DMT) has been working to be your partner and specialist for environmental technology. We design and build standardized quality installations for biogas, air and water treatment and always consider any custom requirements. We invest continuously in the development of sustainable technology and this gives us and our customers a definite competitive edge!

About Us

DMT is a dynamic full service organisation who gives clients a central place. Pollution problems are approached with all available knowledge and skills, fully service oriented and with the backup of more than 25 years of experience. Our process engineers and project supervisors are active throughout the world on a daily basis in order to resolve questions together with our clients.

DMT, your partner and specialist for sustainable solutions!

Clients are contacting the specialists of DMT for an extensive range of environmental problems. Due to her knowledge and experience, DMT is a professional partner for both industries and government. Client minded looking for new solutions and possibilities : a clear concept in which DMT combines the search for intelligent solutions with an efficient and therefore competitive way of project realisation. The approach from DMT is based on partnership!

Mission and Vision


Why Big Five For Life?

Just as every human being, every organization has its mission in life and unique talents no other company has. Just as unique as a finger print. The organisation’s talents, skills, character, background and products or services determine its Purpose for Existing.

The five most important matters DMT Environmental Technology BV (DMT) aims to achieve follow almost naturally from this. These five matters we call our Big Five (for Life). Everything we do at DMT is connected to our Purpose for Existing and the Big Five (for Life).

What would we like to achieve with this?

DMT focuses on the things that really matter, just as our employees do. We thus strive to achieve the following:

  • DMT is distinctive in its business sector and is committed to contributing to a sustainable development of people, planet and economy (our Purpose for Existing);
  • Everyone is in the right place doing the right kind of work. Our employees and teams have the opportunity to do what they are good at;
  • Every individual employee will be encouraged to synergize their personal motivation with that of DMT and in this way be connected with DMT’s Purpose for Existing and its Big Five;
  • Employees feel sufficiently challenged to develop and grow.

In the resulting organization, everyone is enthusiastic, passionate and committed to achieving the same goals, making DMT distinctive in every respect and successful in its business sector.


Background Big Five For Life concept

The Big Five (for Life) concept was developed by John P. Strelecky. Based on his own experience and more than 20 years of research, he describes the business principles in his book “The Big Five For Life – What great leaders do”.
This vision has inspired us in our daily operations, just as it has done with many business leaders world-wide.

DMT’s Purpose for Existing

DMT wants to be your partner & specialist in the realization of international projects in environmental technology and thus contribute to a sustainable development of people, planet and profit.

Our Big 5 (for Life)

1. DMT aims to clearly distinguish itself from its competitors by continuous development, acquisition and the realization of innovative and sustainable solutions in environmental technology.

2. DMT offers its clients high-grade and sustainable solutions that represent social responsibility and good entrepreneurship with a foundation of professionalism, high quality and integrity.

3. With its products and services, DMT aims to contribute positively to the needs of its clients, thus improving the quality of life on this planet, the success of the company and the interests of its stakeholders.

4. DMT achieves thanks to the efforts of its greatest capital; a team of enthusiastic employees who strive to continually improve themselves through work experience and training. DMT offers a challenging and stimulating work environment, especially for Dutch and foreign high achievers.

5. DMT sees co-operation with other organizations and the exchange of knowledge as essential for offering total solutions to the market. These solutions are sold worldwide through a network of agents, distributors and partners.



DMT ODOUREX - Odour Abatement Biotrickling Filters

Odour abatement biotricklingfilters, the DMT ODOUREX: Lengthy detention times and warm weather / climate leads to septic waste water producing copious amounts of not only hydrogen sulphide, but also ammonia, organic sulphides, mercaptans, bringing numerous odour complaints on waste water treatment plants (WWTP's) and pumping stations. An odour abatement unit therefore will have to treat not only hydrogen sulphide, but also other pollutants to reduce ...

DMT - Sulfurex Chemical (Bio)Gas Desulphurisation Process

Standard system for removal of H2S out of biogas. DMT has developed the DMT Sulfurex gas desulphurisation scrubber. The DMT-Sulfurex desulphurisation process has proven to be cost effective for smaller applications (see references) due to its low capital and running costs, whereas traditional gas desulphurisation systems are not designed for smaller applications and can only be cost effective when used on large or very large gas throughputs.


DMT Services

DMT is active in the field of environmental engineering and contracting. Since the beginning our target has been to realise environmental projects for many applications.

Technical Support

Every environmental treatment plant requires periodical maintenance. DMT can provide you with the necessary technical support such as complete inspection of your plant or mechanical or instrumentation upgrades.



Aquatech Amsterdam 2013, ECWATECH 2010 - The International Trade Fair and Congress, Pollutec Horizons 2011, UK AD & Biogas 2013

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