DMT Environmental Technology is a fast growing company that specializes in helping companies to contribute to the environment in a sustainable and profitable way. The techniques we implement solve environmental issues. With over more than 28 years of experience, DMT is reliable partner and market leader in the field of biogas upgrading, for which we apply advanced membrane technology. With offices in Europe, the United States, and Canada, we are always at your service to advise you on environmental challenges. We offer a variety of cost effective solutions that are achieved with a team of highly motivated employees in collaboration with knowledge institutes and partners worldwide.

About Us


DMT was founded in 1987 by Rob Dirkse. The company was originally based in the cellar of Rob’shouse in Heerenveen, and, via the former library in Heerenveen, subsequently established itself in 2003 in its current premises in the industrial area of Joure.

Trained as a chemist, Rob Dirkse worked in various technical fields. He was frequently confronted with matters such as odour abatement and other environmental problems. Due to new legislation at the end of the 80’s, a large environmental clean-up began. The enormous demand for ground water purification enabled DMT to excel. Our solutions soon gained a reputation in markets such as China, South-America and Europe. In 2001 founder Rob Dirkse retired and he was succeeded by his son Erwin, who had been managing director since 1999. Our company became more internationally oriented, and in 2003 the first trade missions took place in Hungary, Japan, and Spain.

The fact that environmental legislation became a key issue within the EU helped us secure an international market. DMT strengthened its international network with a team of committed and professional agents and distributors. Today DMT employs around 55 employees, has 20 international sales managers, maintains extensive relationships with knowledge institutes, and provides 24/7 services worldwide.

Our Employees are Our Greatest Capital


DMT operates on the successful ‘The Big Five for Life’ principle. This principle combines the five most important goals of each employee with the five most important goals of our company. Big Five for Life is a method to make companies and people more successful.

Sijbe Bonsma, independent HR manager at DMT: “The ultimate challenge is to synergize the individual employees’ motivation with the company’s objectives. This results in an organisation in which everyone is enthusiastic, passionate and focused on collective goals.”

It makes DMT distinctive in every respect within its business sector. The performance further improves and the company is ready for future growth. John P. Strelecky developed the Big Five for Life concept and describes the business principles in his book “The Big Five For Life – What great leaders do.” Strelecky's vision has inspired us in our daily operations, just as it has done with business leaders worldwide.

By Sharing Knowledge We Enhance Knowledge

DMT increasingly seeks to develop sustainable innovations. We are continuously looking for new and more innovative technologies, and in doing so we strive to achieve a unique position and cooperation with other knowledge partners.

DMT has designed a specific membrane system for extracing CO2 from biogas. In order to share and further develop state-of-the-art technology, we and our specialised partners have realised the Accress pilot project in Lelystad.


Our extensive experience, built up over many years on the field of biogas upgrading and water treatment, enables us to help you to maximise your Return on Investment (ROI). As a quality-driven organisation, we continuously work on creating further advantages for our customers. Smart engineering and the use of selected materials are allowing for the best Total Cost of Ownership. TCO means we look at all the costs, including depreciation, to give you an advantage in your investments. The focus of DMT is to develop techniques to recover products which can be sold. This philosophy is a true circular economy in which we develop sustainable solutions in a prosperous way.

Our Challenge

To create a clear and prosperous future
We contribute to a sustainable future without making concessions to prosperity. We develop smart technology that benefits our planet and its people. Our innovative designs, plants and service distinguish themselves in terms of quality and return on investments. Cooperating with our clients and the exchange of knowledge with our partners are key elements. Both are achieved thanks to our greatest capital: our team of enthusiastic people who continuously strive to improve themselves.


DMT Sulfurex - Chemical (Bio) Gas Desulphurisation Process

Standard system for removal of H2S out of biogas. DMT has developed the DMT Sulfurex gas desulphurisation scrubber. The DMT-Sulfurex desulphurisation process has proven to be cost effective for smaller applications (see references) due to its low capital and running costs, whereas traditional gas desulphurisation systems are not designed for smaller applications and can only be cost effective when used on large or very large gas throughputs.

DMT - (Bio) Gas Desulphurisation

Gas Desulphurisation of biogas and syngas is necessary to prevent corrosion and SOx emissions. Biogas is produced by fermenting biological waste and is considered one of the most important sources of renewable energy. It is a substitute for natural gas. Both biogas and syngas can contain hydrogen sulphide (H₂S), so desulphurisation is essential. Since the Sulfurex directly controls the caustic dosing with its H₂S ...


Technical Support Services

Every environmental treatment plant requires periodical maintenance. DMT can provide you with the necessary technical support such as complete inspection of your plant or mechanical or instrumentation upgrades.

Service and Maintenance

Every environmental treatment plant requires periodical maintenance. DMT can provide you with the necessary technical support such as complete inspection of your plant or mechanical or instrumentation upgrades.



Aquatech Amsterdam 2013, ECWATECH 2010 - The International Trade Fair and Congress, Pollutec Horizons 2011, UK AD & Biogas 2013

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