Energie and Milieutechniek B.V., Member E.M. Group and the Foundation Impuls. Founded in 1985 in Schimmert, we specialized in custom made Thermal Hardware. We make specialties for customers who can`t use a standard solution. Manufacturer of turn-key Incinerators, After burner units, R.T.O., Explosion save burners, Low Nox Duck burners, Dryers, Boilers and Pulsating combustion.

About Us


The EM Group merged from Energie en Milieutechniek B.V. and other interested parties and was originally established in 1985


Main activities are the development and supply of thermal process equipment for our customers and partners and to explore and engineer the interesting opportunities of applying Pulse Combustion equipment in industry.It made us the market leader in this field with lots of spin-off’s in more conventional combustion technologies


At the EM group we pride ourselves on listening to our sources, our clients, to you. Top priority is, to improve customer's productivity and competitiveness. By relying on our propriety technologies and organization, a successful realization of your project is at hand.


A further stronghold for our company is our thorough know-how regarding the design and the engineering of Combustors.Combustors are used in our Incinerators and in different types of burners for solid, liquid and gaseous or multi fuels, but RTO’s, (Recuperating Thermal Oxidation of process air.) also known as recuperating afterburners, is our main application. A combustor brings the advantage of an integrated heat recuperating system while further being very robust and fool proof.

As board member of the foundation Impulse, trough our research, we contribute substantially to the know-how in combustion technology and we are pleased to have the advantage of lots of enjoyable globally cooperating opportunities in the field of Pulsating Combustion.

EMGroup is based in The Nederland’s and as manufacturer and supplier of energy and environmental related equipment, we deliver and install, globally.


Incinerators: Liquids and Sludge’s

Liquid waste and all kinds of sludge’s are expensive to be processed by third parties. At a certain yearly amount it will be economically viable to process this residue at your own plant and under your own responsibility. Sometimes however, handling and drying of sludge can be very difficult due to a sticky faze at a certain dry solids contend.

Air Heaters

Our air heaters are used for dryers or thermal reactors and cover a broad range of thermal output.

Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Waste to Energy

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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