E2 ManageTech, Inc. (E2) helps customers design and implement Environmental Health & Safety Management Information Systems (EMIS) to improve operational performance and better manage compliance obligations. Staffed with EHS and IT professionals, we help clients “bridge the gap” between EHS and Information Technology (IT). Services include: Strategic Planning, Detailed Design, Architecture Definition, Implementation.

About Us

E2 comprises a strategic combination of shared business values and complementary services with the expertise and experience to provide superior management, technology and engineering-based approaches to address numerous diverse and challenging environmental, redevelopment and health & safety issues. E2 ’s client base consists of a unique balance of local, state and federal government/municipalities, as well as several fortune 500 private sector notables.

The E2 team of professionals have the ability and to create innovative and responsive client solutions. It is this consistent delivery of superior client solutions that marks company milestones.

Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability is an attempt to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environments both now and into the indefinite future. The world wide population boom and increasing understanding of the global impacts of human activities has forced our communities to closely examine their resource use. In keeping with our goal of being a leader in the environmental management field, E2 ManageTech (E2 ) has developed and implemented an in-house Corporate Sustainability Plan that acts as a guiding light in our continuous effort to improve our efficiency and reduce the environmental impacts of our operations.


  • Save resources and reduce operational environmental impacts
  • Reduce operating costs and pass these savings onto our clients
  • Solidify E2 ’s role as a leader in environmental management

Benefits To Our Clients

E2 ’s focus on sustainability and efficiency means clients receive deliverables using the minimum amount of resources. This reduces our internal costs, which in turn, reduces our rates for our clients. E2 considers Sustainability a high priority. We believe that it is also important to remember that the pursuit of Sustainability should never compromise the quality of the products and services that we provide to our clients.


E2 is proud to operate in a sustainable and efficient manner. E2 makes all deliverables available to our clients in electronic format. The result is drastically reduced paper usage, production time, and delivery costs. When paper copies are required, E2 documents are produced using double-sided printing and recycled paper.

E2 employees work a “9-80” work schedule, logging 80 work hours in 9 days instead of the standard 10. This schedule reduces company transportation by 10 percent, thus reducing the amount of automobile-related air pollution and traffic congestion in our communities. Additionally, many of our employees work “virtually” either full-time or part time, thus further reducing commuting related impacts.

E2 makes a concerted effort to recycle all materials that move through our offices. The recycling includes aluminum, glass, paper, ink cartridges, and cardboard. These recycling efforts reduce the amount of natural resources that must be harvested and the energy and chemicals that are needed to turn virgin raw materials into usable products.

E2 chooses to rent office space in buildings with important resource conservation features such as motion sensing Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems and building-wide recycling programs.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Services

Climate change will continue to be a hotly debated scientific topic for many years. Today’s reality is that, regardless of the science of climate change, the need to address GHG in your organization is real. With the US rapidly moving towards GHG regulations, all consumers of carbon-based fuel will be impacted by a carbon-based regulatory program that will involve tracking, trending, trading and management of “carbon assets”. More than any previous ...

CEQA/NEPA Services

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) have become lightning rods for controversy in the area of environmental compliance. Admired by some as important environmental protections, these laws can also be significant stumbling blocks to the schedule and budget of project proponents. The key to success in the world of CEQA/NEPA is to have the experience to foresee pitfalls at the outset of the process. E2 ...


Solution Design & Architechture Definition Services

Based on more than a decade of consulting, E2 has observed that successful implementations require up-front domain specific work flow planning which “systems” professionals or software vendors are unable to provide. Further, implementations that lack this domain-based planning and issue identification have resulted in significantly less successful implementations and deployments. E2 ’s ‘Architecture Definition’ process allows for proper gap ...

Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Management Information System (MIS) direction enables organizations to move forward with EHS MIS projects that support overall management system objectives and core business drivers. E2 has developed a strategic planning process that quickly and effectively identifies and prioritizes near and long-term EHS MIS initiatives based on need, as well as develops realistic scheduling and ...


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