is the on-line webshop for authoritative environmental publications from UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and key international organisations. EarthPrint is visited by people from over 100 countries, it contains over 11,000 publications and has over 5,000 customers. Our customers span organisations, institutions, trade and individuals all of whom are looking to find specialist environment publications.

About Us

Earthprint was launched in 1999 as the official online bookshop of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Since then, other prominent international organizations have joined this initiative to provide a central location for environmental and agricultural official publications. The partnership of, SMI (Distribution Services) Ltd, (the parent company who fulfil all orders from the Hertfordshire 20,000 square feet warehouse) and Earthprint (sales and marketing division) combine to offer a reliable and highly efficient service to customers and clients alike.

EarthPrint currently offers publications from:

  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)  
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  
  • International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)  
  • The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)  
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)  
  • Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)  
  • Plant Resources of Tropical Africa Foundation (PROTA)
  • The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)  
  • Center for International Forestry Reasearch (CIFOR)  
  • The Earthprint library contains one off important environmental publications from a number of international organisations.

Environmental Policy
Our distribution policy aims to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our working practises through continual review of our operations and products. We see this as on ongoing process and regularly review our activities. We subscribe to the following principles in our pursuit of sustainable development:
Employee awareness
All of our staff are committed to ensuring that their working practices are as environmentally sound as possible. From only printing e-mails when absolutely necessary to recycling as many office bi-products as they can, we provide information and appropriate training for all staff.

When purchasing or outsourcing we look closely at our supplier’s environmental credentials and base our decisions on these activities as well as operational and financial criteria. Through doing this we hope to raise awareness of the importance of our environmental procedures and goals to all our stakeholders. We actively pursue open dialogue on environmental issues with our stakeholders at both national and international level.

We integrate environmental considerations into our core business activities. Environmental considerations are central factors in our investment decision, and we integrate sustainable development considerations into our corporate decision-making process. Therefore our environmental distribution policy means observing the mode of delivery in relation to client requirements and the environment i.e. for larger shipments we deliver by sea freight rather than by air, in order to deliver by the most environmentally friendly means possible. We regularly review our suppliers to ensure that they are doing what they can to help create an environmentally sound distribution policy.

We encourage responsible use, reuse and recycling of out products. We use the minimum packaging required in order to deliver our publications to customers in the best condition possible. This means that packages are as light as possible, which lowers carbon emissions during transportation, and it that there is less packaging to be disposed off once it has arrived at its destination. We aim to reduce our waste as much as possible and to promote the recovery; recycling and reuse of our products by helping our customers understand the environmental effects of our products throughout their life ycle.

We respect our publisher’s environmental policies and endeavour to co-operate with them in order to ensure that we follow their policies as closely as possible and promote environmentally friendly methods to them. We also engage with our partners in effective and transparent communication.

We operate in accordance with our corporate values and our principles of good business practice, carry out our operations responsibly and develop them in long-term cooperation with our partners.

Earthprint Distribution and Storage

Earthprint have over the past 13 years established a reputation for the efficient, timely and resourceful delivery of publications all around the world. Earthprint operates from its warehouse facilities in Hertfordshire, England, which is designed especially for the storage of books. We have an established electronic stock control system. We recognise that every consignment needs to be accurately picked, perfectly packed and arrive on time.
Through Earthprint’s extensive global contacts we can arrange collection from any location worldwide and ship by air, sea or road to either the Earthprint warehouse or a requested location. We have a long track record of meeting deadlines and regularly use our expertise to make recommendations as the best means for delivery. Each consignment is handled with maximum efficiency and a very high level of customer care.

Our Complete Service Offering

Earthprint can provide the following bespoke services for your organisation:

Distribution around the world with tracking facilities
Storage and Inventory control
Collection of publications
Management of mailing lists
Management of standing orders
Book supply – to academic institutions and donor funded projects
Online Bookstore
Sales and Marketing of publications
Accounts receivable, collections and royalties
Weekly, monthly or quarterly activity reports

Why Earthprint?

Earthprint is different because we only distribute for non profit making organisations, this means that we know this market better than any of our competitors and that we can add benefit to our partners through our knowledge of their working practices. A full client list can be found here. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle a variety of projects, from the supply of multiple line single copy orders to the consolidation of large quantities of books.


Design for Sustainability : A Practical Approach for Developing Economies

Design for Sustainability (D4S), improving products while taking environmental and social concerns as key strategic elements into consideration, is one of the most useful innovation approaches available to enterprises today.This publication describes what D4S is and what might motivate companies to adopt it. The backbone of the publication is composed of the three practical, step-by-step approaches to execute a D4S project : needs

Water Quality for Ecosystem and Human Health (Second Edition)

The purpose of the new edition is to introduce the basic concepts of water quality and how it is related to ecosystem and human health; and to present an overview and assessments of current and upcoming global water quality issues with examples from around the world.  It also includes a new chapter highlighting how Ecohydrology can serve to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals on water and sanitation.  The target audie

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