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Blast Monitoring Services

Designing and operating blasts are critical activities in Mining. Blast operations require highly reliable data capture and robust reporting capabilities. Ecotech’s multilevel approach to managing the Dynamaster system ensures we are able to offer the highest level of data available.

Wind Tunnel Calibrations Services

With our CSIRO designed wind tunnel situated at our Melbourne head office, we are the only NATA / ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Australia that can calibrate all types of anemometers.

Data Reporting Services

We are NATA/ISO17025 accredited for the operation and maintenance of ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems which includes data acquisition and reporting. We understand that compliance is not only mandatory – it is a responsibility. We operate one of the largest networks of monitoring systems in the world, with over 300 sites. Our maintenance and data reporting services are relied upon by Rio Tinto, BHP, Shell, Transurban and...

Installation and Maintenance Services

Installation of monitoring systems is a critical stage of the monitoring programme. It takes into account the equipment, the location, climatic conditions, the application, the serviceability and more importantly the reporting for compliance and continuity of the operation. It is a process that ensures you meet your organisations’ responsibility for its people, the community and the environment.

Rental & Operations Contracts

When budgets won’t allow capital equipment to be purchased, or where the monitoring programme is only for a short duration our instrument rental and “pay for data” contracts provide an alternative solution for customers. Whether you require a one-month rental, or a year-long rental, we will find a solution for you. Our Operations Contracts are fully inclusive of supply of equipment, routine calibration,...

Water Monitoring Services

The delivery of water quality monitoring programmes is a complex and specialised field demanding experience, quality and customer understanding.

Service & Repair

We provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all Ecotech equipment, as well as brands distributed by Ecotech.

7 Services found
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