Enki water treatment technologies has activity in field of water treatment system. Our aim is to solve all kind of water problem of our customer and suggest best solution. Enki design and supply all kind of equipment which is used in field of water treatment. Enki supply following water treatment systems; Filtration plant, water softening plant, reverse osmosis unit, dealkalization plant, demineralization plant, package water treatment plant, chemical dosing unit, disinfection unit, domestic units, water & wastewater equipment.


Enki - Mixedbed Ion Exchanger

Both cation and anion resin can be added to an ion exchange vessel and mixed to create a mixed bed exchanger . A mixed bed exchanger is more complicated than other types of ion exchangers because it has to separate and regenerate the two resins. The intimate mixing of the cation and anion resin allows a very high degree of deionization. Mixed bed exchangers produce the highest quality demineralized water of any of the ion exchange units.

Enki - Industrial Calcite Filter Used to Remove Carbondixoide

After with reverse osmosis is produced very pure water (permeate). The pure permeate water is very corrosive and must be rematerialized to protect downstream pipelines/storage systems from corrosion and to meet the required standards for human consumption (drinking water). Calcite is used to neutralize the pH and to add calcium and bicarbonates to acidic waters such as groundwater, rain water or reverse osmosis permeate. If water does not ...



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