Since 1989, ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH, formerly ENVICON Engineering GmbH, has been specialising in the development, production, construction and maintenance of individual components, apparatus and complete systems for application in environmental technology and chemical engineering. State-of-the-art chemical engineering technology, combined with our experience in plant and apparatus engineering as well as the production of components, enables us to provide sophisticated, tailor-made solutions to suit your individual requirements. ENVIMAC Engineering GmbH specialises in the entire field of waste-air and wastewater purification and thermal separation technology in general. We can supply individual components, such as packing elements, droplet separators, liquid distributors and collecting trays for packed columns as well as complete systems, including columns, containers, heat exchangers etc. and turnkey plants, e.g. for the removal of ammonia from wastewater.

About Us

Our state-of-the-art column internals can significantly enhance the performance and capacity of existing separation columns, and plant upgrading is therefore part of our portfolio.

A special feature of our portfolio is the fundamental analysis of the separation efficiency of all column internals as well as structured and random packings. Using our own equipment, we can carry out preliminary tests at pilot-plant scale, even at your premises. In addition, we develop special software for the chemical engineering design of tray and packed columns.

ENVIMAC, with its interdisciplinary team covering chemical and mechanical engineering, construction engineers and technicians, is your ideal partner in developing solutions which are technically innovative yet financially attractive. Customer satisfaction is the key to our business.

We have a research team and a production facility, where we produce the majority of our plant components and assemble entire plants and systems, which are then installed on site and commissioned. This ensure that our services are provided at the highest level of quality.

Our team of qualified staff can provide you with a tailor-made solution for your specific waste air/gas purification or wastewater treatment requirements. Please contact us for further information!


Model ENVIPAC - Random Tower Packing

ENVIMAC's high-efficiency random packing ENVIPAC is a spherical lattice packing, which was developed especially for the treatment of exhaust air, in particular for extremely small liquid loads. In comparison with other high-efficiency random packings, ENVIPAC operates with a low pressure drop, significantly higher loadability and comparatively high separation efficiency.

Waste Water Treatment

The treatment of industrial wastewater is often a crucial stage in the different chemical engineering processes. At municipal level, wastewater treatment is also important to ensure the removal of unwanted components. Wastewater treatment can be carried out using biological as well as physical/chemical processes. ENVIMAC has long-term experience in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of containerised, biological treatment plants as ...


ACHEMA 2012, POLEKO 2011

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