EBS is an independent wastewater training and consulting company providing unique solutions to a variety of operational and training challenges facing industrial wastewater professionals. The EBS client list includes Fortune 500 corporations and small manufacturing facilities alike. We service pulp and paper mills, food processing plants, petroleum refineries, and chemical processing facilities throughout North America and Canada. By understanding and addressing both the system and its biology, we focus on providing the results you desire. We emphasize reducing your total cost of environmental compliance. We invite you to tour our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Microstar Bioaugmentation

EBS MicroStar is a cadillac formulation designed to provide more than just bacteria. This formulation contains one billion bacteria per gram and is fortified with proprietary enzymes and micronutrients to enhance biodegradation and floc formation.

Biostar Bioaugmentation

The EBS BioStar formulations are broad spectrum, high viable count bacterial formulations specifically developed for industrial applications in the pulp and paper, petrochemical processing, and petroleum refining industries. Packaged in water-soluble bags in 25-pound pails, these 5-billion bacteria per gram products are both cost effective and easily applied.


Wastewater Process Monitoring

In addition to extensive microscopic examination and microbiological evaluation capabilities, the EBS laboratory has the capability to conduct all the basic tests needed for routine monitoring of a biological wastewater system. In support of our field studies and treatability work, we have the capability to perform basic wet chemistry testing such as ammonia, phosphorus, chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), pH and nitrate. Most of ...

Laboratory - Wastewater Microbiology Assessments

The microscope is a powerful troubleshooting tool for biological wastewater treatment systems. Microscopic examinations are a critical component of a wastewater system monitoring program. Observations by trained personnel can recognize problems and trends before they become crises. EBS offers several levels of microscopic analyses. Each is accompanied by a complete report with comments and recommendations.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment Seminar

The Industrial Wastewater Treatment Seminar is one of the most comprehensive seminars offered specifically to industrial wastewater treatment plants. This seminar is designed for all industrial wastewater and environmental personnel, particularly operations personnel such as operators, supervisors, and laboratory personnel. The course is also useful for plant environmental managers, technical directors, and supervisors as well as consultants and chemical ...

Advanced Biological Wastewater Troubleshooting Seminar

The Advanced Biological Wastewater Troubleshooting Seminar focuses on more advanced biological concerns and troubleshooting techniques that we are using to drill down into factors that impact biological systems in large ways. The seminar discusses the application of advanced chemical and microbiological techniques that can help diagnose system deficiencies when simply monitoring the growth pressures and other traditional parameters is not enough. Topics ...

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