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Shredding Machines

Erdwich - Coarse Shredder Reisser for Processing of Electronic Waste

In the processing of electronic waste, it is essential, in addition to maximum process reliability and performance to keep components such as capacitors and batteries as intact as possible. This proves the coarse crusher RM 1350/2 what is in him, while the ultra-low-speed twin-rotor-Reisser system is very gentle and worked as a high proportion of intact capacitors and batteries...

Erdwich - Single-shaft Shredder

To get the exact material decomposition in a single operation, the proven ability of ERDWICH single-shaft shredders. Why is this so? Material is collected by the cutting rotor with the 1000-fold proven rotor-stator cutting principle and repeatedly cut the stator. And until the desired size is reached and is discharged through the built in strainer. The result can be seen: Highest efficiency and absolute reliability for defined piece sizes. ...

Erdwich - Two-shaft shredder

Continuous processes of crushing large quantities and volume - this is the world of ERDWICH Two shaft shredder. The secret to success is our proven over decades ERDWICH rotor scissor cutting principle. Sounds exciting?   Material is captured with the hook of the knife, pulled uncompromising and cut between the blades of the two...

Erdwich - Three-shaft Shredder

Crush coarse materials evenly - this is the specialty of ERDWICH three shaft shredders. Specifically for these requirements ERDWICH has developed the three-shaft technology. And who knows, even at solid material no jamming and blocking. Clever made? true, because by the different speeds of the three cutting waves and their individual blade configurations, the materials are fed continuously and precisely ground. If the material is too large, it is...

Erdwich - Hammer Mills

ERDWICH hammer mills are the answer to the challenge when the selective grinding of hard-brittle materials is required. But also for the Verkugelung tough materials as preparation for subsequent separation systems can ERDWICH hammer mills no doubt. That sounds rigorous and it is. ERDWICH hammer mills are especially suitable for scrap metal,...

5 Products found
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