Fenwal Protection Systems (FPS) is the world`s leading authority on explosion protection and part of the UTC Fire & Security family, the foremost international provider of quality systems and services.


Explosion Isolation Systems

Fenwal Isolation Systems are designed to detect incipient explosions and react instantly to keep the deflagration from spreading to unprotected areas or interconnected equipment. The Chemical Type Isolation method discharges an explosion suppressant into the duck work to suppress the fireball and prevent it from reaching other plant areas or equipment.

Explosion Vent Systems Protect

Explosion vent panels are designed to minimize damage to process vessels, ducts, and other industrial structures, in the event of a deflagration involving combustible materials. These explosion vent panels are designed to ruptures at a predetermined pressure, to allow the fireball and explosive pressure to vent into a safe area. FENWAL Explosion Vent Systems employ explosion vent panels that are designed for fast, reliable operation. Vent panels are ...

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Health and Safety

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Internationally (various countries)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


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