Fike is your natural partner when it comes to explosion and over-pressure prevention systems. At Fike we understand the challenges you face and the complex legislative environment in which you operate. Our range of explosion prevention equipment allows us to create cost effective bespoke explosion prevention systems. Whether it be passive external venting into a safe area, flameless internal venting with 100% particulate capture or full EPACO controlled 24/7 active system encompassing vent, isolation and suppression components to mitigate explosions within milliseconds. Overpressure situations can also be destructive leading to personnel, plant and environmental damage, due to a range of conditions including blocked discharges, thermal expansions, runaway chemical reactions or loss of purge gas or coolant. Fike’s bursting discs offer an affordable solution to these problems. Compliant to global regulations; Fike products are a critical part of your safety and environmental strategy.


FlamQuench - Flameless Explosion Venting

Designed for use in combination with round Fike explosion vents, the FlamQuench extinguishes the flame from the vented explosion, not allowing it to exit the device ... where it could ignite secondary explosions or endanger personnel. All of this is accomplished without expensive or prohibitive ducting, limitations on location of the process equipment, or other expensive explosion protection systems.

Pressure Relief / Bursting Discs

Fike has a long history of designing engineered pressure relief and bursting disc products for global governmental, as well as commercial aerospace organizations. Fike engineers consider a variety of important factors such as type of pressure relief application, operating conditions, bursting disc specifications and special processes.


ET 2010 (Environmental Technology 2010), RWM In Partnership With CIWM 2012, RWM In Partnership with CIWM 2013


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