First Environmental Nationwide is a self-performing industrial cleaning GA contractor providing industrial cleaning services including vacuum truck services, hydro blasting, tank cleaning, line cleaning, and other cleaning maintenance services. First Environmental Nationwide is one of the leading industrial cleaning companies in the Southeast. Additional services offered are 24 hour emergency spill response, roll off and vacuum box container service, dust management, dry ice blasting, sand blasting, steam and chemical cleaning, pressure washing, and soil remediation.

About Us

As an industrial cleaning contractor, First Environmental Nationwide sets the standard for customer satisfaction in the industrial cleaning, industrial vacuuming (vacuum truck services), hydroblasting, and 24-hour emergency spill response markets.

Fixing our customer’s problem is our focus. We won’t start any project until we have an unmatched understanding of the job at hand – we know our work – and the result is a job done correctly, a project that is on time and on budget, every time.

Our client’s have more up time and less down time, improved operational efficiency, better quality control, and minimized cleaning costs.

Mission Statement

Exist for our Customers by Fixing Their Problem and Making Them Happy.

Pursuit of Excellence. Respect for Others. Problem Solvers.

PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE: Excellence is our way of life and we want to be known for it. Every task in every corner of our business should be performed to a superior manner and to the best of our ability at all times.

RESPECT FOR OTHERS: We respect the dignity and value of every individual. We strive to help each employee develop to their greatest potential and to the best of their ability;.

PROBLEM SOLVERS: When processes fail, we engage in corrective action and implement procedures to prevent future failures.


Hydroblasting Services

Hydroblasting or high pressure water blasting is an effective and common cleaning method used in routine cleaning maintenance in manufacturing environments. Hydro blasting is used in plant cleaning or factory cleaning. High pressure water is applied to the necessary application. The water-stream and can vary from narrow to be used for cutting to a broad stream used for moving (the material).

Dust Management Services

The Chemical Safety Board, CSB, states combustible dust is “a significant industry safety problem.” There is no doubt of a now acute awareness in manufacturing of the problems associated with dust hazards. And much of the nation’s industry is affected.And the fallouts from increased dusts levels can be serious: Fire, explosion, damage to property and overall livelihood, and loss of human life.Dusts of concern include, but are not ...

Company details

Business Type:
Service provider

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Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills

Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)


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