FORCE Technology is with more than 1.000 employees one of the leading technological consultancy and service providers on the international market. We are focused on transforming highly specialised engineering knowledge into practical and cost-effective solutions for a broad range of business sectors and industries. As a consequence you only need one supplier - namely FORCE Technology! At our Department for Sustainability Management we can assist you with enviromental and health aspects related to your products or services in a life cycle perspective.

About Us

At FORCE Technology we consider our customers to be paramount whether it concerns counselling or service of private or public businesses in Denmark and internationally.

We focus on product and concept development, design, production optimisation and operation and maintenance of industrial facilities within the following areas:

  • Optimisation and automation of production and processes
  • Material use, protection and analyses 
  • Inspection, testing, calibration, verification and certification 
  • Maritime technology 
  • Integrity Management 
  • Utilization and development of sensor technologies 
  • Optimisation and development of management systems 
  • Energy, climate and environment.

Our competences are built on a solid foundation with more than 70 years of experience within innovative development and use of knowledge and technology.

We offer our customers unique competitive advantages through our flexible, innovative and value added solutions that are based on confidence and close cooperation, which adds value to both parties.

FORCE Technology's headquarters are located in Brøndby outside Copenhagen. We also operate subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, USA and Russia.

Vision & Mission

FORCE Technology's vision and mission are included in a number of core values that constitute the basis of the company's long-term development and daily operation. 

It is our vision to be the customers’ preferred co-operation partner in projects involving extensive specialised knowledge. We wish to participate in the projects from the initial concept until delivery of the turnkey project. At completion we document that the customer will gain the expected functionality, efficiency and value-generation.

It is our mission to develop and market value adding technologies, solutions and services that improve our customers’ competitiveness in Denmark and abroad – and thus help them fulfil their business goals and visions.


FORCE Technology’s headquarters are located in Brøndby, Denmark just outside Copenhagen.

We also have a number of departments around Denmark and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, USA and Russia.

Today, FORCE Technology has more than 1000 highly skilled employees worldwide.

Approved Tecnological Service Company

FORCE Technology is a part of the union of Denmark’s 7 approved technological service companies (shortly: GTS).

The technological service companies are unique because of their strong relation to the Danish business life and leading research centers both nationally and internationally.

With a total yearly turnover at DKK 2.3 b and approximately 3000 highly qualified employees they make up one of Denmark’s largest counseling environments.

Quality & Environment

Quality Management Systems
FORCE Technology is, quite often, asked to provide a description of the quality management system. The reason is, in most cases, that one of our customers has established a formalised quality system according to the provisions of ISO 9001. These standards require approval of suppliers and subcontractors.

In order to fulfil the need for information we have prepared the enclosed report on FORCE Technology's quality management system and related management systems.

It should be noted that FORCE Technology, Denmark is one organisation, managed by a single, all-embracing management system.

The systems for quality management, environmental management etc. are integrated parts in this overall management system. A single system is used for the preparation and distribution of in-house standards and instructions.

It should also be noted that wholly or partly owned subsidiaries have systems that to some extent are independent. However, it has been assured that their quality and environmental policies are not in conflict with those of FORCE Technology.

Quality Management
The quality management is based on ISO 9001:2000.

It is FORCE Technology's policy to have a quality management system, which may be certified, but actual certification is established only when required.

However, the main part of FORCE Technology's services involves activities such as chemical analysis, testing, certification, calibration, etc. Such activities are not subject to certification but the quality management is subject to external auditing and recognition in the shape of accreditation (by DANAK) or notification (by some other authority). An accreditation according to for instance ISO 17025 is similar to an ISO 9001 certification with additional requirements. See Annex 1 for further information.

Environmental Management
A single system has been established to manage the impact of the corporate activities on the external environment. The environmental management is based on ISO 14001.

The policy of FORCE Technology is that the system may be certified, but certification is established only when required. See Annex 2 for further information.

Occupational Health and Safety Management
Several detailed laws and other specifications regulate occupational health and safety in Denmark. Management of occupational health and safety at FORCE Technology, Denmark corresponds to these legal requirements. See Annex 3 for further information.

Electrical Safety Management (SKS)
The corporate management and organisation have been formalised and specified during the autumn of 2000 in order to meet new Danish legal requirements (stated in the Act on authorisation of electrical contractors, etc. Act No. 314 dated 2000-05-05).

Security clearance
FORCE Technology has obtained security clearance from the Danish Ministry of Defence to perform services involving classified information



Under EU legislation, waste incineration plants and major firing plants (power stations) must ensure that the results of the measurements they make using their own measuring equipment in chimneys is functioning correctly. This is done through compliance with a relatively new European standard.

Riser Monitoring

FORCE Technology offers a range of products for structural (response) monitoring of marine risers. These products are also used for monitoring strain on platforms, jackets etc, and may be used to monitor strain and fatigue during transport and similar.


Calibration & Verification Service

FORCE Technology offers a number of services within calibration and verification. We guarantee high quality and well-documented services because we:are accredited by DANAK. cooperate with other metrology institutes in Europe. are the national metrology institute for gas flow, flow in other liquids than water, volume and density, force and pressure. hold a large staff with expert knowledge within our many fields. have well-equipped laboratories in ...

LCA & Environmental Assessment

Environmental assessments and life cycle analysis (LCA) are increasingly used to document and account for the environmental impact from a product or a service. A life cycle analysis, where the environmental impact is analyzed throughout the entire life cycle of the product – from raw material, through manufacture and use to disposal of the product – can be applied in many case.


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Globally (various continents)

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