FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI S.R.L. can supply most equipment, steel structural works and piping for water treatment plants. In particular, they manufacture the following equipment according to their own designs: - circular clarifiers with peripheral or central drive - rectangular clarifiers/floaters with to-and-fro bridge - rotary distributors for percolator filters - sludge extraction device from lagoon bed - chain bridges - sludge thickeners with central drive - fine and coarse screens - screens for reclamation channels - sand collectors - sluice gates (manual and with actuator) - spillways - clapet - planks - telescopic valves.

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In its many years of operation, FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI s.r.l. has transformed itself from a carpentry workshop into a company that constructs machinery for purification plants. The main features that have contributed to the company’s progress are the constant improvement and the technical challenges imposed by entry into new markets. This attitude was imposed on us right at the beginning (thirty years ago), firstly by the need to survive in a competitive, low-profitability market and secondly, by a strategic vision requiring the acquisition of know-how to be able to make inroads into more interesting markets. This is why constructing and producing for special projects is no longer just a necessity but also a vocation.

In this process of continuous research, the company started to build machines for purification plants more than twenty years ago, when environmental awareness of the society we live in was less well developed than it is now. The company thus changed over the years into an ecological business, acquiring first class, specialist know-how. Friulana Costruzioni has moved from constructing equipment according to the design and specifications of the plant engineering company, to proposing machines according to its own design, thus bringing together the experiences and the know-how accumulated over the years. Currently, the company can handle the sales process of its own client companies with their end-clients, thanks to its well established trade mark that is synonymous with quality, the vast range of products on offer and the advice that we often give for making the best use of them.

Friulana Costruzioni does not just stop at selling the equipment for installations, but it also sells integrated solutions for the mechanical problems in a purification plant. The machines count relatively little in the total costs of an installation but, compared with the other components (e.g. civil engineering works), they are important for it to function properly. This is why the client requires machinery with high reliability and functionality and it is this aspect that we concentrate our efforts on. In its many years of operation, the company has always intervened immediately and efficiently in the rare cases of breakdown, and the company’s excellent reputation is today acknowledged in the sector.

Friulana Costruzioni clients include mechanical and plant engineering companies, service companies and leading industries both in Italy and abroad. The sales network is trained and managed directly by the owners, in order to give the client the best service. For this reason, the company will concentrate more and more on the market and on accumulating planning and management know-how, in the secure knowledge that this will have a positive effect on the production process, and allow Friulana Costruzioni to offer its clients an ever higher quality of innovative products.

FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI S.R.L. specialises in the production of machinery for wastewater treatment plants for both industrial processes and urban installations. The products are divided mainly into:

Screens – Conveyor Belts – Spiral Conveyors – Sand washers – Bridge Scrapers, Controlled Removal Bridge Scrapers, Central Drive Bridge Scrapers – Flocculators/Clarifiers – Sludge Thickeners – Traversing Bridges – Sand Separators – Chain Bridge Scrapers – Chain Skimmers – Rotary Distributors – Lagoon Sludge Removal Devices – Rotary Drum Filters – Sluice Gates - Exhaust Valves.

The special features of our products are:

high quality, reliability and high level of product innovation to increase the advantages to the end-users of our products, i.e. the plant managers; automation; the use of low-corrosion materials (304 and 316 stainless steel); reliable leading brands of components from top Italian and international manufacturers, and innovative technological solutions - all these things allow managers to make savings in terms of plant machine management and maintenance, as well as giving lasting performance. Particular attention is paid to the safety of plant operators who have to manage our machinery. The result is that production companies, service companies, companies taken over by the municipality and consortia can allow themselves to devote their workforce to other projects and limit management costs over time.

The production cycle is based on the following phases:

  • examination of plan for intervention and results to be achieved.
  • study and planning of most suitable machinery for the purpose.
  • direct in-company production of individual components or purchase of these by the company from external suppliers who will carry out the processing according to data supplied to them.
  • installation of machinery in the plant at the client’s construction site.

Installations for companies are chosen taking into account the fact that production must remain at high quality levels, and at the same time they must be flexible and dynamic to meet our clients’ all-round needs. To this we must add that with our highly specialist staff, with their skill and great experience accumulated over many years of working with us, we are in a position to deal with all client requirements, including emergencies and the management of complicated situations.


Rotoling Static Sand Collector

The static sand collector has the function of extracting the sand (solids) that deposit on the tank bottom. A spillway edge is mounted on the top of the static sand collector to make the water overflow and flow into a convey pipe.

Three-Side Sealing Sluice Gates

Manual three-side sealing sluice gate. The three-side sealing sluice gate with manual actuation has the function of intercepting and/or deviating a water flow in a channel or a basin. This operation is ensured by the opening or closing of a pad actuated manually by a handwheel. The sluice gate is fixed to the wall of the channels, usually made of reinforced concrete, finished so as to not exhibit any projecting bumps that could cause an imperfect ...

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

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Globally (various continents)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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