Gasmet Technologies is a leading manufacturer of gas monitoring instruments and systems for industrial and environmental applications including Continuous Emissions Monitoring (Power Plants, Waste Incinerators, Cement Kilns etc.) Stack Testing / Comparison Measurements, Process Control, Industrial Hygiene / Indoor Air Quality, Engine Exhaust Gas, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Emergency / First Response Measurement (HAZMAT), Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, Carbon Capture, Fire Testing Emissions Monitoring and Research. Gasmet FTIR gas analyzers can perform simultaneous measurement of both organic and inorganic compounds in even the most demanding applications including hot, wet and corrosive gas streams. Concentrations of up to 50 different compounds can be measured within seconds.

About Us

Gasmet Technologies develops and manufactures the Gasmet line of gas analysers and monitoring systems.

Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative, customer-driven solutions for industrial gas measurement and monitoring applications. Gasmet products are reliable, user-friendly and provide consistently accurate results at a highly competitive price and operating costs.

Gasmet Technologies has certified its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. Gasmet CEMS has received EN 1527-3 (TÜV and MCERTS) certificates. Gasmet FTIR gas analyzers are also compliant with the U.S. EPA 40 cfr part 60 Appendix b Performance Specification 15.

Gasmet products are sold and supported through a global distributor network that covers all continents. Gasmet Technologies headquarters are located in Helsinki,Finland and three regional Gasmet offices in Central Europe, Asia and North America provide sales and after sales support in their respective areas.

Gasmet gas analysers and analytical software are based on original designs developed by Gasmet and covered by U.S. patents in Gasmet's name. Gasmet Technologies' production facilities in Helsinki cover every step of the production process from FTIR interferometers and Atomic Fluorescence spectrometers to complete Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems. Gasmet Technologies calibration laboratory is capable of multicomponent application development and instrument specific calibrations for both routine emissions monitoring gases and non-standard gases required in process control, research, and health & safety applications.

The Gasmet Story

…from an academic idea to a global business
In this article, Dr Petri Jaakkola, founder and Chairman of Gasmet Technologies Oy explains how an idea shared by a group of researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland, during the early 1970s, developed into one of the world’s leading gas monitoring instrumentation manufacturers.

Early history – technology development
At first, the Finnish researchers understood that the prospect of being able to measure multiple gases simultaneously was very exciting, but at the time it was difficult to identify the best market for the technology to address. Initially the high resolution FTIR technology developed in the University was only used for laboratory research applications. Environmental legislation was only in its formative stages, but conscious of a growing desire to protect air quality, the researchers felt that the long-term prospects for the technology were sound.

Using FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) analysis, the workers had shown that it was possible to collect a complete infrared spectrum (a measurement of the infrared light absorbed by molecules inside the sample gas cell) for gases, and from this it was possible to generate both qualitative and quantitative data for the measured gas.

The first commercial partner was the company Scanoptics Oy, which worked on a high resolution FTIR spectrometer for the laboratory market and succeeded in selling two units to Finnish Universities in the early 1980's. Since this business approach did not prove to be successful, the company changed its focus to develop a low resolution FTIR spectrometer for industrial applications and developed the initial prototype in the late 1980's.

It is important to note that FTIR was also being developed elsewhere for use in the laboratory for qualitative analysis of liquids and solids. Crucially, if Scanoptics had chosen this market in the early years, the technology would have been unlikely to be suitable for emissions monitoring (which became the main market for Gasmet’s FTIR) because sufficient emphasis would not have been given to the ruggedness of the technology to withstand demanding industrial conditions.

However, since 1959 in Finland, it has been compulsory to include a shelter in any building over a certain size. Naturally, the quality of air inside these shelters is a primary concern, so Finntemet Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of shelters and blast resistant and gastight doors, was interested in gas analysis, and in 1990 they acquired Scanoptics’ FTIR business. This soon led to the creation of Temet Instruments Oy, which at that stage consisted of just four scientists; one working on electronics, one on the optical components, one on the mechanical design and one on software. At that time, there were no commercial or business development staff, so the focus was solely on the development of the technology.

The first Gasmet FTIR gas analyser was sold in 1993 – its serial number was #9301, and it was used successfully until around 2005. Long-term reliable service was a key objective for the Temet FTIR instruments and for this reason most of the company’s early years were spent improving the technology. This naturally created financial pressure, but the investment proved worthwhile as new environmental legislation created a heavy demand for emissions monitoring equipment.

Gasmet Locations Worldwide


In order to serve growing gas analyser markets in Europe, America and Asia, Gasmet Technologies has set up corporate offices in four locations:

Gasmet Technologies (Finland)

Founded in 1990 as Temet Instruments Oy, the group head office and production facility in Helsinki is organised into four business units:

  • Gasmet Technologies Oy: holding company, group administration, research and development, service
  • Gasmet Europe Oy: area sales and marketing in Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa
  • Gasmet Instruments Oy: analyser and accessories production and calibration incl. application development
  • Gasmet Systems Oy: continuous emissions monitoring system integration

Gasmet Technologies Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Established in 2005 and located in Kowloon Bay, one of the busy commercial districts in Hong Kong.

  • Regional office of Gasmet group in Asia-Pacific Region.
  • Extensive coverage of China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan.
  • Complete sales force dedicated to CEM system and portable gas analyser market development and business growth.
  • Training and sales support of Gasmet business partners
  • Instant application and technical support
  • Spare parts depot and service center

Gasmet Technologies Inc (Toronto)

Established in 2008 with the head office located in Toronto. Gasmet Technologies Inc. is responsible for the Gasmet Group business (marketing, sales, technical support and service of Gasmet products) in the area covering the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

Ansyco GmbH - a Gasmet Group Company (Karlsruhe)

Since 1989, Ansyco GmbH provides the right solutions for gas analytics in industrial, environmental and research applications. The expertise covers a variety of state-of-the-art analytical technologies and advanced calibration methods, as well as system engineering from sample preparation to turn-key systems.

  • Expertise in gas analysis and specialized system engineering
  • GASMET service center and spare parts depot in Central Europe
  • Advanced calibration facilities
  • Instant application and technical support



As a manufacturer of precision instruments used for environmental compliance monitoring, process control and health and safety applications, Gasmet maintains a high level of quality and up to date product certification in several countries.

ISO 9001
Gasmet Technologies Oy conforms to quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 in the following fields: design,manufacturing,sales, and service of gas analysing equipment. The ISO 9001 certificate is awarded by DNV (Det Norske Veritas).

EN 15267-3

EN 15267 is a European standard for quality assurance of continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and its part 3 (EN 15267-3) deals with performance criteria and test procedures. EN 15267-3 certified CEM systems must be subjected to a type test involving laboratory, climate chamber and field tests on two identical systems and certification to this standard is mandatory for CEMS used to monitor emission limit values defined in European Industrial Emissions Directive (Directive EC/2010/75). Several certificying bodies provide EN 15267-3 compatible certificates and Gasmet products hold the following certificates.


Gasmet CEMS and CEMS II continuous emissions monitoring systems have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with the German Type Approval and EN 15267-3.


Gasmet CX4000 and DX4000 gas analysers have been tested and certified by SIRA in accordance with EN 15267-3 provided that the analysers are used with a Gasmet sampling system.


Gasmet - Model CEMS II - Continuous Emissions Monitoring System

Gasmet CEMS is a modular construction that typically comprises of Gasmet CX4000 FTIR gas analyzer, heated sampling unit, industrial PC and a Zirconia oxygen analyzer which are installed in an air-conditioned cabin. All modules are 19' rack mounted in pull-out shelves for easy accessibility & service. Gasmet CX4000 FTIR gas analyzer allows the simultaneous measurement of up to 50 gas compounds. CX4000 FTIR has a multipass sample cell which is ...

Gasmet - Model DX4040 - Portable Ambient Air Analyzer

The Gasmet DX4040 FTIR gas analyzer can detect up to 25 gases simultaneously providing validated results in 25 seconds. Fouries transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) provides reliable measurements with low detection limits & true multi-compound analysis capability. The library of measured gases can be changed by the user through an easy to use interface, providings ...


Gas monitoring instruments and systems for fumigation

Sea cargo containers and wooden packing materials are fumigated to control the spreading of pest animals and micro-organisms. Fumigant gases are toxic and measurements are carried out as a health and safety precaution. Measurements are required by e.g. customs inspectors prior to opening containers, making the shipping companies responsible for carrying out measurements. Products shipped in containers may release VOCs from e.g. solvents and glues used in manufacturing process. The concentrations of vapors may...

Gas monitoring instruments and systems for DeNOx process control

In most combustion process atmospheric nitrogen reacts with oxygen in high temperature conditions to produce nitrogen oxides (NOx). Total NOx production is the sum of nitrogen monoxide NO and nitrogen dioxide NO2. The emissions of these gases are controlled through setting of emission limit values (ELVs) for power plants.


Calcmet - Version Professional (STD and PRO) - Analysis and Control Software for FTIR Gas Analyzers

Calcmet is used together with Gasmet gas analyzers to collect FTIR spectra of the sample gas and to analyse the concentrations of gas components. Calcmet provides an easy to use interface to the FTIR gas analyser, stores and visualises the sample spectra and performs the multicomponent analysis using Gasmet Technologies Oy’s patented modified classical least squares algorithm.

Calcmet - Version 4040 Pro Professional - Analysis and Control Software

Calcmet 4040 comes with Calcmet 4040 Professional software, which is installed into external computer. Calcmet 4040 PRO version is connected to Gasmet DX4040 gas analyzer with RS-232 port and it can be used to measure and analyse sample spectra on-line with DX4040 models.


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