Geb. Heyl Germany along with its US-subsidiary Heyl Brothers North America L.P. has established itself as a leading developer, engineer and manufacturer of high-quality online water analysis and monitoring instrumentation. Our product line includes water parameter measurement devices, online monitoring and control applications, test kits for manual analysis and indicators. High water hardness levels cause lime scaling. In boiler systems for example, this results in a drop of efficiency of the heat transmission of about 30%. Our instruments monitor, soften and correct the process water and reinstall energy efficiency and save costs in your facility.


Testomat - Model 2000 - Water Hardness Monitoring

German State of the Art Engineering combined with Low Operational Costs & Maintenance The Testomat 2000 automatically determines water hardness, the carbonate hardness, the p-value or the minus m-value via titration. It is ideal for monitoring the water quality of water treatment, water blending and drinking-water plants.Monitoring and quality control of softening plants with and without blending (reagent TH 2005–2250).Monitoring and quality control ...

Testomat - Model 2000 - CLT Process Photometer for Total Chlorine

The process-photometer Testomat 2000 CLT is a wet-chemical online instrument for monitoring the content of total chlorine (CLT) in the 0–2.5 mg/l (ppm) range; it can be switched to free chlorine.



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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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