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GeneSystems is a french biotechnology company developing and marketing innovative tools for the rapid diagnosis of microorganisms. GeneSystems features an integrated analysis system (from the extraction to the DNA analysis) composed of two separate platforms: GeneExtract and GeneDisc Cycler. The aim is to simplify and standardise bacterial DNA extraction/purification and real-time PCR operations. Until now, these procedures were delicate, hard to reproduce and reserved only for the most qualified of personnel


GeneSystems Innovation

The Genextract HD allows a standardized extraction of 48 samples simultanously. Fully controlled by dedicated software, the GeneExtract HD requires minimum operator intervention. GeneSystems is currently developing a fully automated GeneExtract in order to reduce hands on time associated to DNA extraction. Thanks to GeneSystems experience, the perfomance of the systems is the highest standard in the market.

The GeneDisc Legionella DUO

The GeneDisc Legionella DUO allows SIMULTANEOUS quantification of Legionella spp & Legionella pneumophila in each sample.


GeneDisc Cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria producing toxines (cyanotoxins) proliferate mainly in stagnant waters and surface waters. These toxins are pathogenic to humans. It is therefore necessary to control proliferation of these bacteria in potable water reservoirs and also in recreational lakes. The three most commonly found genius of Cyanobacteria should be quantified: Microcystis, Anabaena and Planktothrix.

GeneSystems Legionella method

Keeping Legionella levels down in water networks is an every day industrial challenge. GeneSystems offers the right tool to make it simple. With a quantification result of Legionella spp and Legionella pneumophila in 3 hours, the GeneSystems method enables you to: Prevent signal increase, Stabilize your installations, Measure and Optimize your maintenance actions efficacy. Simply keep your Legionella levels down with the GeneSystems Legionella method on ...


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