GeoInsight is the direct push industry`s #1 equipment source, providing a complete line of tools for ground water monitoring and remediation. GeoInsight manufactures the HydraSleeve no-purge groundwater sampler for all contaminants and a complete line of direct push well products.

About Us

Our History...
Our history goes back to 1985, with our invention of the HydroPunch®. This pioneering direct push water sampler and its offspring, the HydroPunch II sampler for floating layers and larger volumes, were largely responsible for starting the growth of the modern direct push industry. Thus far, GeoInsight has six patents and several pending all related to direct push technology.

In 1994, GeoInsight invention struck again, producing the PowerPunch. This revolutionary tool system was the first practical approach to installing and sealing temporary or permanent small-diameter wells in one pass.

Since then, we have continued to introduce important advances in direct push well technology, with our ever-expanding line of small-diameter well components the most-used, most-imitated well screens, annular seals, and drive points on the market.

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The GeoInsight Advantage


The products featured on this website are designed from the bottom up to provide superior tools for long term monitoring and remediation using direct push methods.

During development, we did not try to satisfy traditional monitoring well requirements. Mostly derived from production well and geotechnical drilling specifications, these require a large diameter hole and focus on optimizing well yield, pump efficiency, and sand control.

Instead, we focused on delivering the best direct push sample point possible, making sample quality the number one priority. Our sole objective was to create a system that will provide groundwater samples representative of in site conditions with minimal disturbance to the subsurface environment.
Benefits of this approach include:

  • Extremely high open area (>20%) and close contact with the formation improve communication with the aquifer and upgrade performance in low-flow or passive sampling and/or low yield wells.
  • Reduced purge time and volume speeds up sampling.
  • Availability of ultra-fine sand pack lowers turbidity by orders of magnitude and retards or eliminates sample point siltation.
  • Small annular space between the casing and the hole is easily sealed using expanding seals attached to the casing.
  • Compatibility with almost all direct push equipment without expensive special adapters.

GeoInsight tools work with almost all probe, cone penetrometer, and drill rigs. All our 3/4' sampling equipment will fit inside readily available 2-1/8' or 2' O.D. direct push drive casing used with probing and CPT rigs. 1', 1-1/4', & 1-1/2' models fit inside 2.5' I.D. casing, and 2' models fit inside 2.875' I.D. casing.

These simple, modular tools save time and money while increasing sample quality and repeatability.


Stainless Steel PrePak Screen

With no plastic components, this all-stainless steel PrePak Screen is ideal for monitoring wells in aggressive groundwater environments. It can also be used as an injection well for corrosive remediation liquids. Its unique design provides more open area than conventional screens at less than half the cost of wire-wrapped screens. Available UltraFine silica sand pack cuts turbidity by orders of magnitude.

PrePak Jacket

These economical, sand-filled jackets quickly slip over any perforated screen, regardless of slot size or thread pattern, making one-pass well installation using direct push easy and fast. Use your screen and casing, save on shipping and insure thread compatibilty. Tough but inert food grade poly filter fabric retains your choice of fthree sizes of ilter sand. UltraFine jackets can provide turbidity control in conventional drilled wells. The 60' long ...


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