Geoprobe Systems manufactures machines, tools, and site remediation equipment for the environmental, geotechnical and mineral exploration industries. Geoprobe rigs are compact, high-capacity machines with options for augering, rotary drilling, rotary sonic, monitoring well installation, and subsurface sampling. Geoprobe Systems also designs and manufactures soil, groundwater, and soil gas sampling tools, electrical conductivity (EC) and Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) logging systems, and high-pressure grouting and injection systems.

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Geoprobe a brand name of high quality, hydraulically-powered, direct push machines that use both static force and percussion to advance sampling and logging tools into the subsurface. The first Geoprobe brand machine was built for the Environmental Protection Agency in 1988.

The Geoprobe brand name refers to both machines and tools manufactured and sold exclusively by Geoprobe Systems in Salina, Kansas. Geoprobe tools are used to perform soil core and soil gas sampling, groundwater sampling, electrical conductivity and contaminant logging, grouting, and materials injection.

Soil probing techniques can be thought of as a subcategory of what are commonly referred to as 'Direct Push' techniques. Direct Push refers to tools and sensors that are 'pushed' into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil or to make a path for the tool. A Geoprobe direct push machine relies on a relatively small amount of static (vehicle) weight combined with percussion as the energy for advancement of a tool string.

Using a Geoprobe direct push machine, you can drive tools to obtain continuous soil cores or discrete soil samples. You can drive samplers to obtain groundwater samples or vapor samples. You can insert permanent sampling implants and air sparging points. You can drive a conductivity sensor probe to map subsurface lithology. You can install small diameter monitoring wells. In fact, the Geoprobe machine has been used to perform many of these functions to depths of 100 feet (30m) or more where the geology and soil conditions are appropriate.

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Geoprob - Model 6610DT - Compact Size Direct Push Machine

The compact size of the Model 6610DT direct push machine gets you in to confined spaces to get the work done.  Because the weight of the unit is evenly distributed over both tracks, the Model 6610DT can easily maneuver through shallow water, soft sands, or muddy fields.  But its convenient structure doesn't sacrifice strength... the 6610DT is as powerful as the truck-mounted 66 series units with 42,000 pounds of pull.

Geoprobe - Model 7822DT - High-Capacity Direct Push Machine

The Geoprobe Model 7822DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas and a sufficient stroke for added work space under the hammer. This machine is equipped with many of the features Geoprobe customers are accustomed to, and with many new advantages to offer customers flexibility in all types of field conditions.



2013 NGWA Groundwater Expo and Annual Meeting, Battelle International Bioremediation Symposium, ECOMONDO 2011, EnviroExpo & Conference 2006, ET 2010 (Environmental Technology 2010), Pollutec Horizons 2011


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