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Landfill and Biogas - Portable Gas Analysers

Portable analysers for landfill, biogas and gas extraction.

Geotech - Model GA5000 - Portable Landfill Gas Analyser for CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO Monitoring

The GA5000 landfill and contaminated land gas analyser with available gas measurements of CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO. It is easy to use and calibrate, benefiting from our market leading reliability and helping you to standardise monitoring routines, whilst supporting environmental legislation compliance.

Geotech - Model GEM5000 - Portable Gas Extraction Monitor

The GEM5000 landfill gas extraction monitor for measring CH4, CO2 and O2. It's an easy to use analyser designed to aid balancing the gas field, maximise power output and ultimately maximise revenue from CH4 extraction.

BIOGAS - Model 5000 - Portable Biogas Analyser

The BIOGAS 5000 for accurate gas monitoring within biogas applications. It is easy to use, calibrate and configure and enables consistent collection of data for improved analysis and accurate reporting, whilst helping to check the digester process is running efficiently.

Landfill and Biogas - Fixed Gas Analysers

Fixed landfill gas monitors and biogas monitors.

Accu-Flo - Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Accu-Flo Thermal Mass Flow Meter for landfill gas and biogas flow measurement. With an innovative edge, the Landtec Accu-Flo meter highlights a distinctive feature:- a zero calibration self check. The self check allows the user to verify that their Landtec Accu-Flo meter has not shifted, drifted or deviated from its original NIST-traceable factory calibration value. This ability makes the Accu-Flo meter unique, extremely useful on gas-to-energy...

Geotech - Model GA3000 Plus - Fixed Biogas and Landfill Gas Analyser

The ATEX certified GA3000 PLUS builds on field-proven, robust gas analysis technology to offer cost effective online monitoring with local data outputs.

Geotech - Model BIOGAS 300 - Fixed Biogas Analyser

The new BIOGAS 300 fixed methane monitor. Easy to self-install, operate and maintain, the BIOGAS 300 is a cost effective fixed system biogas analyser for CH4 monitoring. Ideal for 500kw or reduced scale Anaerobic Digestion plants, from agricultural to food waste typical applications

Landfill and Biogas - Leachate Pumps and Liquid Monitoring

ATEX - Dipmeter Certified Dipmeter for Landfill Liquid Monitoring

High precision liquid level measuring instrument used in the landfill, brownfield and remediation industries.

AutoPump - Model AP2, AP3 and AP4 - Landfill Pumps, Leachate Pumps and Condensate Pumps

Pneumatic positive air displacement leachate pump for harsh liquids in the landfill, brownfield, petrochemical and remediation industries. AP2, AP3 and AP4.

BREGCOUNT - Cycle Counter and Regulator for Autopumps

Combined pressure regulator and cycle counter for AP2, AP3 and AP4 Autopumps.

Slider - Pump for Reliable Pumping in Angled Wells

Slider pumps have proprietary angle-independant valves to operate on any angle. They provide excellent resistance to sediment clogging and solvent attack.


Standard Plastic Dipmeter for Groundwater Monitoring

The standard dipmeter is a water level measuring instrument designed for routine groundwater monitoring.

Model Dipperlog - For Measuring Liquid Level and Temperature

The Dipperlog measures and record the water level and temperature at preset intervals inside boreholes and open bodies of water. Data is stored on the unit allowing downloading to computer at convenient time.

Micropurge - Model MP10, MP20, MP30 and MP40 - For Low Flow Groundwater Sampling

The Micropurge range combine to perform accurate low flow groundwater monitoring and sampling. Also suitable for contaminated land, landfill and disturbance sampling. Use in conjunction with the Sample Pro or the Well Wizard pumps.

Well Wizard - Bladder Pump for Groundwater Sampling

Ideal for monitoring low level and long term changes in groundwater chemistry, the dedicated bladder pump system is unrivalled in its industry track record.

Sample Pro - Portable Low Flow Sampling Pump

The Sample Pro pump is the first pump system developed specifically to bring the advantages of low-flow sampling to portable pumps. With pump diameters of 44mm and upwards, narrow and difficult to access wells are no longer a problem.

Bailers, Filters and Vessels for Sampling and Filtering

Field filters and transfer vessels are used for onsite filtratrion of groundwater, while bailers can be used to sample VOCs, with a disposable option to avoid cross-contamination.

Land Remediation

Interface Meter for Oil, Water and Foam Detection

ATEX certified interface meter with LNAP and DNAPL detection for monitoring in landfill, remediation and petrochemical industries.

Oil/Water Separator for Liquid Separation

The high capacity cost effective low maintenance compact oil water separators utilise a highly efficient coalescing media pack. The separators are fully automatic, involve no moving parts and can be supplied for flows up to 60 lpm.

Skimmers Passive SOS and SPG Skimmers and In-Well Genie Pump

Skimmers have been designed for product recovery applications in sites where active pumping systems are not applicable due to existing conditions or extreme low permeable formations. When used in conjunction with either a surface mounted or in-well Genie pump, the passive skimmer becomes an active automatic recovery system.

Coal Mine Methane

AEMS - Biogas, Landfill Gas and Coal Mine Gas Analyser

Fixed automated extraction monitoring system for continuous biogas, landfill gas and coal mine gas analysis. Bespoke design and remote monitoring for CH4, CO2, O2, H2S. The AEMS utilises robust, reliable, field-proven technology for continuous monitoring of biogas in a range of applications, including anaerobic digestion and as a landfill gas analyser. Geotech’s AEMS has been used successfully on projects across the globe, including CDM projects...

CO2 Monitoring - Portable CO2 Monitors

Portable CO2 monitors for laboratory, medical and marine applications.

Model G100 - CO2 Analyser for Incubators

Our portable CO2 analyser is specifically designed to monitor CO2 for the verification of incubators within the research and pharmaceutical markets. The G100 has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements, and provides the user with a fast, simple to use and accurate piece of laboratory kit. The key benefit of using the G100 is the ability to take simultaneous CO2, O2, relative humidity and temperature...

Model G110 - CO2 Analyser for Specialist Controlled Atmosphere Monitoring

New CO2 analyser designed to monitor CO2 for multiple applications, including the brewing industry. This unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements, that provide the user with a fast and simple to use analyser.

Model G150 - CO2 Indoor Air Quality Analyser 0-10,000 ppm

New CO2 analyser designed to monitor CO2 for all indoor air quality applications. This unit has been developed to incorporate the latest technology and specification requirements to provide the user with a fast, simple to use and accurate piece of environmental field kit.

CO2 Monitoring - Marine Gas

DiveAir - Model 2 - Compressed Air Monitor

The Diveair2 is used to measure composition of compressed air used to fill gas cylinders for underwater operations. It can also measure possible contaminations due to Carbon Monoxide and VOC.

Medical Gas - Portable Gas Monitors

Portable monitors for medical gas applications and background N2O analysis.

Model G200 - N2O Analyser for 0-1000ppm Levels

The G200 N2O analyser is designed to safety check background and breathing zone levels of N2O (0-1000ppm) in medical applications.

Model G210 - N2O Analyser for 0-100% N2O Levels

The G210 is specifically designed for highly accurate measurement and verification of quality of piped N2O and O2 gases in hospitals.


Groundwater Sampling

Low Flow Sampling Pumps

Well Wizard pumps for MicroPurge low flow groundwater sampling systems come in an unsurpassed range of sizes, materials, and capabilities, including models for deep sampling wells, narrow or obstructed casings, and small-volume pumps for low-yield monitoring wells. Together with MicroPurge controllers, flow cells, and accessories, they create the most reliable, cost-effective low-flow groundwater sampling system available.

Portable Pump

The first fully take-apart sampling pump for Low-Flow Sampling and Direct-Push groundwater sampling applications The Sample Pro Portable Micro Purge Pump is the first pump developed specifically to bring the advantages of low-flow sampling to sites where groundwater samples are collected from many monitoring wells with the same pump.

Groundwater Remediation Pumping

The Next Generation AutoPump - AP4+

The AP4+ was made easier to clean by  using 3 bolts to attach the pump inlet and open up the pump. This is easier than having to rotate the inlet multiple turns to unthread it from the center tube inside the pump, especially under field conditions of silt, deposits and coatings. Removing the inlet is also  aided by the new, precision ID pump casing, ensuring a more controlled fit. The new pump casing’s smoother internal surface...

For Landfill Pumping - Air-Powered Remediation Pumps

Auto Pump Automatic Air-Powered Remediation and Leachate & Methane Condensate Pumps (U.S. Patent Number 5,004,405)Auto Pumps QED’s patented Auto Pumps originated the automatic air-powered pump concept in 1986 and has led the industry ever since. Auto Pumps were designed specifically to handle difficult conditions reliably and safely, including hydrocarbon (LNAPL and dissolved phase) remediation, landfill leachate and methane condensate...

Landfill Leachate Pumping

Slider Pump

The increased availability of special drilling equipment has caused more landfills and cleanup projects to appreciate the unique advantages of low-angle wells or risers where conventional vertical wells are inefficient or impossible to use.Sloped landfill risers for leachate and/or landfill gas allow wellhead installations and other equipment to be placed outside landfill cells, not in the middle of them. This protects headers and other equipment and...

Extended-Duty Piston Pump

Iron Horse Extended-Duty Piston Pumps are built for durability based on QED’s 20 years of engineering experience in landfill pumping. Iron Horse pumps are designed to provide dependable pumping in applications that benefit from the special capabilities of piston pumps, such as slant wells, sites requiring no drive air with the pumped fluids, deeper wells, and drawdown to extremely low levels.

Landfill Products

LFG Well Cap

QED's LFG Well Caps are molded in a highly visible yellow to prevent any mishaps in the field. These innovative Well Caps include a unique support ring support ring feature molded directly into the Cap that aligns and stabilizes the actual wellhead, taking pressure off the Fernco and the flex hose and reducing leaks from the wellhead.

Precision Fine Tune Control Valve

Precision Fine Tune Control Valve Precisely Controls Landfill Gas Flow, Control Valve QED’s Precision Fine Tune Control Valve (patent pending) is a revolutionary breakthrough in landfill gas well field tuning. Unlike traditional gate valves, this Control Valve allows you to easily and precisely adjust the gas flow from a well, rather than just turning the flow on or off. The valve design gives you the ability to achieve linear flow adjustment...

Precision Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead

QED’s new Quick-Change Orifice Plate Wellhead combines easy plate exchanges for accurate flow measurements with precise adjustment control over a broad flow range.The Quick-Change Orifice Plate feature makes it as easy as 1-2-3 for the operator to change to the most appropriate size plate for the given conditions. Achieving a pressure drop of 0.5-5 inches of water column is essential to generate stable flow readings with the best resolution. The...

Easy Bolt

The Easy Bolt provides the function of conventional nuts and bolt sets, but uses a simple lever action instead of wrenches. The Easy Bolt fits through the flange bolt holes and is tightened by simply pushing the cam lever down. Easy Bolts are constructed of high quality stainless steels, with an investment cast lever.

Air Strippers

E-Z Tray Air Strippers (U.S. Patent Number 5,518,668) are sliding tray, stainless steel air strippers used to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) from groundwater. E-Z Tray Air Strippers exclusive design results in VOC removal rates up to 99%.E-Z Tray air strippers use lightweight, front slide out trays. This unique feature provides many advantages, such as one man operation and cleaning, and installation in small areas.


Water Level Meters

Heron - Model Skinny Dipper - Water Level Indicator

The SKINNY DIPPER water level meter is equipped with a ¼” probe and a ¼” extruded polyethylene tape that is reinforced with Kevlar, making it ideal for use in narrow tubes and piezometers.

Ground Water Data Loggers

Heron - Model dipperLog NANO - Water Level Loggers

Our dipperLog NANO water level loggers are a low cost data logger for continuous monitoring of water levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water. It offers a wide range of sampling intervals with pressure ranges to 400ft/120m water head with temperature.

Heron - Model tapNtell - Water Level Measurement Sensor & Water Temperature Sensor

The Heron Tap”n”Tell will display height of water above transducer and temperature of water in degrees Celsius when used in conjunction with the Heron dipperLog groundwater data logger.

Heron - Model SDI-12 - Interface Cable

SDI-12 Enables Global Communication with the dipperLog NANO's. One of the factors that makes our Serial Digital Interface at 1200 Baud (SDI-12) cable particularly useful is that it operates using a battery but has a negligible current drain. This allows it to maintain the same long life as the the dipperLog NANO.

Oil / Water Interface Meters

HERON - Model H.OIL - Standard Oil / Water Interface Meter

H.OIL / Water Interface Meter; Certified intrinsically safe, the Heron H.OIL is the most popular interface oil meter on the market, and for good reason.

Heron - Model Sm.OIL - Mini Oil / Water Interface Meter

Small size but big features. Heron’s small interface meter is an economical unit that will measure to 60ft(20m) below the top of the well, making it ideal for shallow wells or high water tables. The Sm.Oil interface meter measures the thickness of floating or sinking layers of hydrocarbon products in the groundwater. Many of these instruments are used by refineries, oil spill and remediation companies, land fills and site clean up projects.

Water Level Indicators N

Heron - Model dipper-T - Water Level Meter

Heron's top selling water level meter, #1 for accuracy, reliability and value. The dipper-T water level meter has been designed to provide a long and reliable service life; we back up our claims with a 5-year warranty. Accuracy begins with a top quality, heavy duty tape. Each tape is tested by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with appropriate ASME standards. These tough tapes have a breaking load of over 300lbs (150 kilos). The tape is made from...

Heron - Model dipper-T - Water Level Meter with Temperature Option

The dipper-T with Temperature Option will allow temperature profiling as well as measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes. Temperature readings will appear on the digital display read out in the center electronic module. Temperature will read as Degrees C only. The static level of the water will be indicated by a solid tone and a large bright LED. The dipper-T with Temperature Option includes a padded carry bag and is available...

Heron - Model Water Tape - Water Level Indicator

A tough, economical water level meter. The low cost and durability of the water tape make it an ideal choice for well drillers, pump installers and other severe service users. The water tape is designed and built with the same attention to quality and value as other Heron Products.

Heron - Model Little Dipper - Water Level Meter

A small, low-cost water level meter with all the quality features of the larger units. The fully submersible standard 5/8 inch (16 mm) diameter probe makes it an ideal instrument for narrow piezometers, direct push equipment and standpipes. The compact size and light weight of the little dipper is an advantage for carry in sites where portability is a concern.

Heron - Draw Down Meter

The Heron Draw Down meter is an essential tool for low flow sampling, purging and well development. Allow the meter to track the draw down for you. When the probe is no longer immersed in water an alarm sounds and the light on the meter goes off. Use the Draw Down meter to determine flow rates for low flow sampling and to protect your pump from running dry in all pumping applications.

Well Casing Indicator Probe

The Heron Well Casing Indicator Probe is used for measuring the depth of metal casing in wells and boreholes from 2” diameter and greater. The Heron Well Casing Indicator Probe is a necessary tool when decommissioning wells, installing packers and registering wells with water authorities. An audible and visual signal indicates when the metal casing starts and ends in your well or borehole. The Heron Well Casing Indicator Probe is an invaluable...

Well Depth Indicator Probe

The Heron Well Depth Indicator Probe is used to measure the depth of wells and boreholes. The Well Depth Indicator uses a stainless steel probe fitted with a pressure sensitive plunger attached to either the Heron dipper-T or Water Tape water level indicators. The graduated tape, with two stranded stainless steel conductors is stored on a durable purpose made reel. An audible and visual signal indicates that the bottom of the well has been reached....

Power Reels

The dipper-T Water Level indicator with Power. High visibility yellow tape. Lengths up to 3000ft. Heron offers power reels for tape lengths 1000ft ( 300m ) and over. Using a power reel will make taking level readings in deep wells faster and less strenuous. All power reels are available in with a 12V or 120VDC.

Custom Equipment

Heron - Oil Watch

The Heron Oil Watch is a device used to prevent oil that has accumulated in catchment tanks that are being drained into groundwater and surface water systems.

4-20mA Pressure Transmitter

Heron Instruments 4-20mA pressure transmitter provides highly accurate water level measurement for a wide variety requirements that involve real time pressure readings. The Heron 4-20mA is ideal for use in tanks, wells and boreholes. The Heron 4-20mA is easily adapted to 3rd party dataloggers, telemetry systems, Scada Systems, and digital displays. The two wire 4-20mA current loop is the most widely used signal transmission for transducers in...

Conductivity Plμs - Level & Temperature Meter

The Conductivity Plμs Level and Temperature Meter enables accurate measurements of conductivity, water level and temperature in wells, boreholes, stand pipes and open bodies of water. The Conductivity Plμs can be used to profile conductivity and temperature to depths of 1000ft (300m).

54 Products found
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