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KARTOTRAK - Integrated Software Solution for Contaminated Site Characterization

KARTOTRAK is a comprehensive software solution providing an integrated workflow for the characterization of sites contaminated with chemical or radioactive substances. KARTOTRAK brings a cost-effective solution for thorough contamination diagnosis facilitating your decision-making process. Born out of a 10-year partnership between the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission CEA and Geovariances, the software has been designed for...

ISATIS - Geostatistics Software Solution

ISATIS is the Reference geostatistics-dedicated software solution which offers, in a single integrated package, an exclusive range of proven geostatistical techniques for in-depth data analysis, mapping, estimation and simulations. Using ISATIS, you can be sure of the reliability of your results: robust techniques, well researched algorithms, exclusive agreement with Mines ParisTech Geostatistics Group, professional expertise confirmed by 25 years of...


MINESTIS simplifies mineral resource estimation. The software allowsmining domain modeling and resource evaluationthrough an efficient yet simplified geostatistics-based workflow. It has been designed for all those, geologists, mining engineers or auditors, for whom quick production of quality models is at the heart of their concerns.

3 Software Products found
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