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Isatis - All-in-one Geostatistics Software

ISATIS has been the reference in geostatistics software for more than 20 years. Whether you are in the Mining, the Oil & Gas or the Environmental industry, Geovariances' leading-edge software solution has been designed to offer the sound technology you need to get the expected level of confidence in your estimates whilst quantifying the associated risk.

Minestis - Geological Domain Modelling and Resource Estimation Software

MINESTIS simplifies mineral resource estimation. The software allows geological domain modeling and resource estimation through an efficient yet simplified geostatistics-based workflow. It has been designed for all those, geologists, mining engineers or auditors, for whom quick production of quality models is at the heart of their concerns.

Kartotrak - Contamination Characterization Software

KARTOTRAK is the first integrated software solution for contaminated sites characterization. It has been designed for all those who need to locate and estimate contaminated soil volumes confidently.

Free Software Applications

PluriDemo Free Demonstration Software

PluriDemo PluriDemo is a free demonstration sotfware which complements the book 'Plurigaussian Simulations in Geosciences'. It helps in understanding the plurigaussian simulations by 'playing' with them.

GTXserver - Free Development Kit

GTXserver is a free development kit which can be used to build direct links between your corporate database and Isatis database or to integrate geostatistical modules in your tools.

Kartotrak.One - Application for Data Quality Control and Accurate Contamination Mapping is a light version of Kartotrak. The software gathers Kartotrak exploratory data analysis and rapid mapping functionalities. Kartotrak, in its full version, enables more advanced geostatistical data modeling and uncertainty quantification associated with contaminated volumes or masses of pollutants. It can also model several pollutants together.

6 Software Products found
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