Grace Consulting, Inc (GCI) is committed to providing exceptional air sampling services to clients nationwide. With offices in Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina, our crews are easily mobilized to any location. GCI Crew chiefs bring together more than 120 years of service in the industry. Clients can rely on our knowledge and familiarity to insure a well-organized test program. On-site results are available thanks to our Mobile Laboratories and experienced technicians.

About Us

North Carolina Workshop and Equipment Repair Facility North Carolina Workshop and Equipment Repair Facility

Grace Consulting Inc. is a closely held corporation dedicated exclusively to the sampling of air pollutants. Since its inception in April of 2000, GCI has grown to over 40 employees with an average testing experience level of over 8 years.

GCI is devoted to providing our clients with superior technical expertise in air emissions sampling. Our staff consists of specialists in the latest sampling techniques and technical advancements. GCI’s extensive inventory of sampling equipment allows our staff to perform tests at numerous locations simultaneously, while maintaining adequate backup equipment to prevent delays due to malfunction.

GCI’s corporate headquarters is located near the Cleveland, Ohio area in Wellington, Ohio, with a branch office in Conover, N.C. and Plainfield, IN. These three locations allow us to provide professional expedient service at attractive prices. GCI offers nationwide services to its clients, which include those, both in the public and private sector. Previous and current clients include power plants, integrated steel making facilities, chemical manufacturing companies, asphalt batch plants, emissions control equipment manufacturers, and A&E firms.

The principal’s of GCI are closely involved in all aspects of work performed by the company. This personal commitment insures that the highest quality of work is provided and a clear understanding of the client’s needs. This is accomplished through adherence to business principles, which guide the conduct of our company and guarantee the provision of the most cost-effective and highest quality services to our clients.

Industries Served

  • Acoustical & Thermal Insulation Manufacturing Facility
  • Aluminum Producers
  • Auto & Truck Manufacturing
  • Boiler & Industrial Furnaces
  • Cement & Lim Kilns
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Coating Operations
  • Cogeneration Facilities
  • Crematory Facility
  • Distillery Facility
  • Fiberglass Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Foundry Industry
  • Glass Manufacturing Facility
  • Hazardous Waste Facilities
  • Iron & Steel Producers
  • Packaging Operations
  • Paving Operations
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility
  • Power & Steam Generation
  • Printing Operations
  • Pulp & Paper Operations

Quality Assurance

Grace Consulting, Inc. has considered quality assurance/quality control as one of our top priorities since the inception of the firm. In addition to the concepts described regarding TOTAL QUALITY, GCI has complete QA/QC packages for all of our field sampling for air emissions work, and also requires QA/QC of all engineering and science activities.

Tyson Stiles, QSTI and Quality Manager for GCI, in conjunction with the Senior Staff, have worked tirelessly to implement a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program, which applies for initial preparatory activities through report generation. This includes the following measures:

  • Technical staff follows standard operation procedures under the direct supervision of a senior staff member.
  • Any field measurements taken are directly recorded on field data forms and input into an on-site computer.
  • Proper chain-of-custody is followed for all samples collected in the field for analysis at the analytical laboratory.
  • All data records are filed and archived.
  • Data submittals and reports are validated, reviewed, and approved by management prior to release.

GCI operates in compliance with the ASTM D 7036-04 Standard Practice for Competence of Air Emissions Testing Bodies and is organized so that our facilities and resources meet the requirements of ASTM D-7036. GCI has also received Interim Accreditation regarding our Quality practices. You can view the list of companies we are included with at We provide adequate supervision of technical staff, including trainees, by persons familiar with relevant methods and procedures, the purpose of the test project, and with assessment of testing results.


Mobile Labs & Analysis Testing Services

Mobile Labs: GCI currently operates a fleet of eleven (11) complete source emissions sampling mobile monitor laboratory trailers equipped with the required apparatus to perform emissions sampling on a continuous basis.  These trailers can also be equipped with analytical equipment to enable us to perform a variety of analyses on-site and provide immediate results.  These trailers are able to be mobilized on-site allowing us to be responsive ...

Precision Flow Testing Services

GCI has developed a multi-probe flow RATA program called Precision Flow© that includes the Electronic Flow measurement portions of Methods 2H and 2G.  GCI uses four probes mounted to the stack ports that allow several readings at each point with Delta P, Temperature and Angle averaged for each reading.  This provides greater accuracy and also allows the Flow RATAs to be performed in one hour per load.  This method reduces the high ...


Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) 2012, USA’s Largest EUEC 2013 - Energy, Utility & Environment Conference & Expo


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Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing

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Nationally (across the country)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


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