Granutech Saturn Systems, offers a diversified line of recycling equipment systems that can be easily integrated into a single processing facility. From shredders to granulators to powederizers and refiner mills -- to auto crushers and balers/loggers, our engineers continuously develop products that meet the needs of your industry and application. But more importantly, our engineers will work with you to create a system that meets your particular needs. We can do this because we design and manufacture all equipment in-house, we test the equipment, and we install the equipment if desired to ensure high performance.

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Founded in 1968, the global company that is today Granutech-Saturn Systems, is a leader in recycling equipment design, quality and innovation, and based in Dallas, Texas. Its world class product offering includes Saturn shredders and hammermills, grinders and granulators, powderizers and refiner mills, and MAC (Mobile Auto Crushers) auto flattening units and high density balers and loggers, which are among the most widely used pieces of equipment of their kind in the world.

Granutech-Saturn Systems is not only the result of inherent engineering and design expertise, but also strategic acquisitions of long established brands (Saturn Shredders and Granutech tire recycling equipment) in the industrial recycling equipment market. The company produces standard models and highly customized and configurable models through a comprehensive engineering services offering and in-house design, manufacturing and fabrication shop and test area with nearly 200,000 square feet of space.

The company’s success in the market place is a result of continuous investment in fabrication, machining, and automation integration capabilities. These capabilities can be utilized on single machines or complete tire recycling systems. Our staff has an average 18 years in the industry and our company has been a leading industrial recycling manufacturer for more than 4 decades.

If company stability, application experience, engineering expertise and innovation, equipment longevity and service after the sale are qualities you look for in a capital equipment supplier, then Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation is your full-service company.



Our product and corporate brands have been well established, some for as long as 4 decades. Details on our brands, trademarks, and pending trademarks are referenced below:

Granutech-Saturn Systems (corporate brand)
Our brands are known worldwide for their ability to crush, shred and reduce the toughest materials with world-class reliability and durability.

MAC (product brand)
The MAC brand applies to our line of mobile automobile crushers, balers and loggers, and has been the industry-leading brand since the late 1960s. Our sub Brands/trademarks for the MAC include the MAC MAGNUM and the BIG MAC.

Saturn (product brand)
Products in Saturn brand line: Shredders, Hammermills, Granulators, Grinders, Powderizers, and Refiner mills.

Note: Our Saturn-related sub-brand trademarks and pending trademarks include our single rotor Roto-Grind shredder, and the Saturn Grizzly series of grinders (Super 80, S50, and M80 models).

Other Trademarks & Service Marks:
HYBRID-DRIVE Shredder Technology

Industrial Recycling Systems Manufacturer

With nearly 50 years experience in industrial recycling machine design, manufacturing and service, Granutech-Saturn Systems is a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of heavy-duty shredders and hammermills, crushers, loggers, grinders and granulators, powderizers, and refiner mills. Our reach is far and wide, with thousands of systems installed, spanning a variety of industries including government and military. They are supported by a direct sales organization along with a highly specialized network of trained distributors and agents aimed at delivering quality recycling machines, systems, consultation, and service across the globe.

Experience Granutech-Saturn Systems and learn why our name is synonymous with size and volume reduction expertise. From tires, to electronic scrap (e-scrap), from hazardous waste to scrap metals, we have the system to meet your requirements. And if you need something customized for your special application, we have the design and manufacturing expertise to deliver that too!



Recycling equipments for shredding industrial plastics

Plastics are one of the most commonly recycled materials today. Manufacturing products from recycled plastics reduces demand for fossil fuels, both as a raw material for the plastic and as fuel to power the manufacturing processing. In addition, recycling plastic saves space and resources in landfills. Grauntech’s Saturn Shredders are designed to process a wide range of plastic materials, from films to pipe. Our high performance shredders use low to mid-range speed, high torque rotors to efficiently cut...

Recycling equipments for non-ferrous scrap metal shredding & recycling

Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling is a large industry focusing on the recovery of metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, and even precious metals from electronic scrap. The applications and needs of non ferrous metal recyclers vary greatly. These can include a large corporate recycler buying UBC bales for shredding to be converted back into beverage cans or a small recycler who is recovering precious metals from circuit boards or catalytic converters.



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Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling

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Globally (various continents)


$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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