Granutech Saturn Systems, MAC Crushers & Balers and Saturn Shredders offer a diversified equipment line that can be easily integrated into a single processing facility. From shredders to granulators to auto crushers, our engineers continuously develop products that meet the needs of your industry and application. But more importantly, our engineers will work with you to create a system that meets your particular needs. We can do this because we design and manufacture all equipment in-house, we test the equipment, and we install the equipment if desired to ensure high performance.

About Us

The original MAC (Mobile Auto Crushers) Corporation was privately owned and was formed in 1971 to manufacture auto flattening units and high-density balers to serve the scrap metal recycling industry. The 'Big MAC' Mobile Auto Flattener is the most widely used piece of equipment of its type in the world.

In an effort to better serve our clientele, the MAC Corporation purchased Saturn Manufacturing (Wilsonville, Oregon) in 1980. Saturn Manufacturing began operations in 1972, manufacturing slow-speed rotary-shear shredders for a wide variety of size/volume reduction applications. In 1981, the fabrication of Saturn Shredders was incorporated into the existing manufacturing facility of the MAC Corporation in Texas; thus, the trade name of MAC/Saturn Shredders.

In 1994, MAC Corporation purchased Granutech Environmental Systems because of its special equipment technology and expertise in the rubber processing and recycling industry. This resulted in the expansion of our product line to include tire granulation equipment. With the acquisition of Granutech we embarked on an upgrade of the exiting tire granulation system that included the development of the Grizzly, improvements to the automated system controls, and improved fiber and metal separation systems.

The Roto-Grind, originally licensed from our UK partners, represented the most significant development in plastics recycling in more than a decade. The rugged single rotor shredder has excelled in the most difficult shredding and sizing applications and has been an immediate success around the globe. While the machine is unequalled for plastics recycling, the machine is routinely applied in fuel processing operations, aluminum recycling plants, and document destruction applications.

In January 1999 MAC Corporation (MAC/Saturn) was incorporated with Granutech-Saturn and the name was changed to Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation of America.

The average seniority with the Granutech-Saturn Systems is 13 years, with an average of 22 years' experience in the industry per person. Granutech-Saturn Systems-designed systems are currently at work in a wide variety of processes, including municipal solid waste, tire/rubber shredding, hazardous/nuclear waste disposal, in-plant waste, energy recovery and ferrous/non-ferrous metal processing. Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation has over 63,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space situated on 10 acres in Grand Prairie, Texas.

In summary, if company stability, application experience, engineering expertise, equipment longevity and service after the sale are qualities you look for in a capital equipment supplier, then Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation is your full-service company.


For over 40 years, Granutech Saturn Systems has led the industry in designing and manufacturing innovative, high performing size reduction machinery. Our brands are known worldwide for their ability to crush, shred and reduce the toughest materials with world-class reliability and durability. Granutech Saturn System’s engineering and design staff is experienced in developing solutions for the most demanding applications, providing custom systems for all size reduction applications. We understand the materials you are working with and will provide you with a system that will efficiently, effectively and economically meet your exact processing requirements.

Granutech’s product line includes a full range of size reduction equipment. Our crushers, shredders, grinders and refiners perform operations as diverse as crushing automobiles, shredding tires, processing hazardous and nuclear waste for incineration and shredding metals, paper, rubber and plastics for recycling and reclamation.

Our Brands Include

MAC, our line of mobile automobile crushers, has been the industry leader since the late 1960’s. Designed to meet the needs of the automobile recycling and scrap industry, the MAC line includes stationary and portable crushers that prepare cars for safe and effective shredding. Benefits include fast set-up and operation, reliability and low-maintenance operation. Our Big MAC flattener is the most widely used automobile crusher in the world.

Saturn Shredders
Saturn Shredders are a line of low speed, high torque shredders that provide high performance, durable shredding for a wide range of materials and applications.  We offer single rotor, dual shaft and quad shaft shredders constructed of the strongest materials to ensure efficient processing. Custom configurations generate shredded materials that meet your exact application requirements. Saturn Shredders set the standard for durable, reliable processing of solid and municipal waste, hazardous waste, electronic scrap, tires, rubber, plastics and metal scrap. Our engineers will design a custom solution for your application.

Our shredder brands include our single rotor Roto-Grind, our dual and quad shaft Saturn Shredders and the Grizzly, a medium speed heavy duty grinder. All our shredders can be integrated with feeders, hoppers, separators, grinders and granulators.

Purchased by Granutech in 1984, Saturn Shredders have earned their reputation as high quality, durable shredders and lead the industry in performance and reliability.

Granutech’s complete line of grinders and granulators were developed to process crumb rubber for recycling and re-use in manufacturing. These high output machines will generate clean rubber to meet your precise size requirements. Granutech’s Grizzly produces sizes from 1/2' minus to 1” minus, the G-3 Granulator as fine as 10 mesh, Granutech Powderizers from 5/32 to 30 mesh and Granutech Refiner Mills from 10 mesh to 80 mesh. Granutech’s grinders and mills can be integrated with a custom shredding system to process your scrap rubber and tires.

Shredder Replacement Parts

Wherever you are and whenever you need them, Granutech-Saturn Systems is ready with the replacement parts you need. We provide quality parts that meet or exceed OEM requirements for a variety of machines including:

  • Granutech-Saturn
  • SSI
  • Shred Pax
  • Shred-Tech
  • American Pulverizer
  • Eidal
  • Retech
  • Vortex
  • Williams
  • and more

Our cutters, shafts, gears, spacers, seals and bearings can usually be on your doorstep within 24 hours, so downtime is kept to a minimum. You can count on Granutech-Saturn Systems to offer

  • Cost competitive replacement parts and service to help keep your profits up and your costs down.
  • On-time delivery and reliability to maximize your productivity.
  • Experienced service technicians to optimize shredder performance at your site.
  • Engineering expertise to benefit you by customizing your shredder to fit your application.
  • Hydraulic and electrical replacement parts.


Industrial Automobile Crusher

Granutech’s MAC crushers are the industry-leading automobile crushers. With over 40 years of experience and more than 2,000 machines in operation, we have developed a line of reliable and durable auto crushers designed to meet the needs of the automobile recycling and scrap industry. The crushed car from a MAC is the most preferred form for shredding and the safest form for feeding into car shredders. Whether you need a stationary machine or a ...

Medical Waste Shredder

Shredding and reducing medical waste poses special challenges. Processing must meet stringent regulatory standards for the safe handling of infectious and red bag waste, including precise size reduction to ensure proper sterilization. In addition, the waste is comprised of many different materials, ranging from sharps to textiles, requiring shredders that can effectively process the variety of materials.


Recycling equipments for shredding hazardous waste

The disposal of hazardous waste requires special handling to ensure that safety and regulatory requirements are met. Preparing the waste for incineration or burial requires equipment that is durable and reliable so that the materials are processed safely and in accordance with the regulatory requirements. Granutech’s Saturn Shredders are custom-designed to handle hazardous waste materials safely.

Recycling equipment for shredding electronic scrap (E-scrap)

Processing electronic scrap (E-Scrap or WEEE) presents special challenges. Computers, consumer electronics, IT equipment and white goods need to be destroyed to extract recyclables or ensure the security of the product. Hard drives, tapes and data storage devices must be completely destroyed to provide data security. And, while many electronic scrap items do not require the specific size reduction that hard drives or other data storage devices require, all electronic scrap includes recoverable materials that can...



Granutech Saturn Systems offers a full suite of services to support our customers from their first call to us for a quote.  Starting with design services, we’ll provide you with a system that meets your exact requirements.  After the sale, we provide maintenance and repair services to keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency.  We offer replacement parts for our size reduction equipment and for other OEM equipment to help ...



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