Heliodyne, Inc. has acquired a solid reputation of engineering and manufacturing quality solar water heating equipment for both residential and commercial applications. With offices and manufacturing facilities in Richmond, California, the company manufactures and assembles a variety of solar water heating products including the Gobi line of solar flat plate collectors and the Helio-Pak heat transfer appliances.

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Heliodyne is committed to focus purely on solar hot water, allowing us to be a true specialist in the industry. We strive for Excellence by Design™, where excellence is a standard applied to everything we do. And design is not only in our products, but all other aspects of our business such as production, distribution, customer support, and sales.

What We Do


Heliodyne is a leading U.S. manufacturer of solar water heating equipment.

Our offices and manufacturing plant are located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. We manufacture and assemble a variety of solar water heating products. They encompasses not only flat plate collectors, but heat transfer appliances as well. All of our collectors and heat transfer appliances are SRCC certified, ensuring that our products are built to the highest standards.

The equipment we manufacture is suitable for all applications including residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.


Model HELIO-PASS - Closed Loop Heat-Transfer Appliance

The Helio-Pass (HPAS) heat-transfer appliance is designed for use with coil-in-tank water heating systems. It serves as a closed loop system by circulating solar fluid from the collectors through a tank-integrated coil. Heat from the solar fluid inside the coil is transferred to the domestic water supply.

Heliodyne - Commercial Solar Station

The Heliodyne Commercial Solar Station (HCOM) is a plug & play, closed loop, heat-transfer system. Available in 4 different sizes, each system is designed to handle a specified maximum number of GOBI flat plate collectors. System features include Pressure Stagnation Protection (PSP), a unique Heliodyne feature that helps maintain glycol integrity, variable speed pumps for reduced maintenance and better performance, and internet connectivity for ...


Solar Simulation Software

Heliodyne now offers a powerful software tool to design, configure and specify a solar hot water system from your computer. Learn more about this revolutionary design tool available in the U.S., only from Heliodyne.

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