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Since more than 100 years now HÜDIG is servicing it’s customers and has developed a leading manufacturer for Irrigation Machines, Pump Aggregates, Dewatering Equipment, Waste Water Pumps, Generator Sets, and Accessories. Amongst our content customers there are agricultural businesses and construction enterprises, the industry, and communities – all this throughout the world!



Company HÜDIG was founded in 1902 in Berlin. In 1957 HÜDIG started manufacturing in Altencelle. The production of dewatering units was added to the range of irrigation machines.

In the past years there were developed various special products for environment protection, which are as well used for soil sanitation and protection of emission. Products, which assist in forming the future for all of us – in Germany, as well as throughout the world.


HÜDIG - Vacuum Producer for Waste Water Pump Aggregates

HÜDIG Diesel vacuum units use rotary vacuum producers without lubrication. They have a very high air capacity even upon high vacuum. These pumps are robust and work perfectly under all climate conditions – in tropical heat or arctic cold.

Grindex Tuff-Line for Medium Contaminated Material

Absolutely secure against dry running through air cooling valve. The thermo sensor protects against overheating. An extremely high wear resistance resulting by using impeller and diffuser of polyurethane. Two mechanical seals offer double security. Through the outer corrugated steel body the pump is more rugged and corrosion resistant.The alternating current version does have a starting and phase sequence capacitor. Through the consequently used ...

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Globally (various continents)

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