Humic - Urea Bond

Humic Growth Solutions has developed Urea-Bond, a liquid product which bonds our Humic Acid 100% Soluble Powder as well as other powder products to Urea. This encapsulates the Urea and prevents nitrogen loss.

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Diamond Grow - Liquid Humic Acid

Our Diamond Grow 12% Liquid Humic Acid is derived from the finest, richest, and purest source of humic acid in North America and arguably the World. This humic acid source is a weathered type of oxidized sub-bituminous coal rich in humic substances. Our Humic source is similar to the commonly found Leonardite...

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Diamond Grow - Water Soluble Spray Dried Humic Acid Powder

Diamond-Grow Organic 100% Water Soluble Humic Acid Powder is concentrated humic acid powder that contains 95% humic acid content. This product contains the same benefits as our liquid product, which we make available in powder form for dry mix fertilizers as well as for cost effective shipping.

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Diamond Grow - DS-90 - Soluble Powder

Humic Growth Solution’s Diamond GrowTM -DS-90 Soluble Powder is a 100% soluble product that dissolves readily in water to create liquid Humic solutions. It contains both Humic and Fulvic acids and the basic Fertilizers found in NPKs. Unlike only fertilizers, it works to not only benefit the plant now, but also...

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