Hydrasep, Inc., manufactures the Hydrasep Laminar Flow Oil Water Separator, the maintenance free solution to your oily water problems. This technology efficiently separates crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, lube oils, vegetable oils, biodiesel, methyl esters and oils heavier than water (DNAPL), such as creosote, plasticizers and halogenated compounds from produced water, processed water, waste water and/or groundwater remediation in concentrations up to 50%.


Hydrasep - Mobile Oil/Water Separators

Mobile separators are ideal for temporary use such as during tank cleaning or spill response.  During cleaning operations or spill response, water is used to wash down contaminated surfaces.  It is then collected and hauled away. The recovery of oil spills that impact bodies of water is sometimes done by pumping or “skimming” the oil off the surface.  The amount of water entrained with the oil can be as high as ...

Hydrasep - RCT Model Separators

RCT models are mainly suitable for flows with low oil concentrations and extended perioids without supervision.

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Water and Wastewater

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Globally (various continents)

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