Hydrasep, Inc., manufactures the Hydrasep Laminar Flow Oil Water Separator, the maintenance free solution to your oily water problems. This technology efficiently separates crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, lube oils, vegetable oils, biodiesel, methyl esters and oils heavier than water (DNAPL), such as creosote, plasticizers and halogenated compounds from produced water, processed water, waste water and/or groundwater remediation in concentrations up to 50%. Hydrasep soon learned the industry was in a more dire need for simple-to-operate, highly efficient and cost-effective separation technology. Hydrasep adapted its original design to suit industry’s needs for ease of maintenance, ruggedness and performance. Hydrasep continues to develop new products for separation.

About us

Hydrasep got its start in the mid 1990s to develop a separator that meets EPA storm water run-off regulations. Hydrasep engineers were instrumental in the development of ASTM Standard Practices for separator performance testing.


Hydrasep - Model RCT - Oil Water Separators

RCT models are mainly suitable for flows with low oil concentrations and extended periods without supervision. Looking for technical info? View the data chart to see how the Hydrasep RCT model fits your needs.

Hydrasep - Model BD - Separators

Hydrasep has developed the BD line of separators specifically for the Biodiesel industry’s needs. A Hydrasep® BD model can be installed after your reactor.  Or two or more batch reactors can be installed in parallel to one Hydrasep® BD converting a batch operation into a continuous one. Unlike centrifuges, the Hydrasep® BD is not sensitive to fluctuations in glycerin ratio, a common occurrence during batch drainage.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation

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Nationally (across the country)

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