Hydro International offers innovative products for the cost-effective control of stormwater and treatment of wastewater.Hydro has developed a range of technologies to control urban runoff, treat stormwater, combined sewage overflows and municipal wastewater with the aim of providing cost-effective solutions for controlling quantity and improving quality of water.Through the application of advanced vortex and complementary technologies Hydro International’s line of products provide economical solutions to the challenging problems our clients face.



The Group's Board of Directors ensures that Hydro International serves the interests of its shareholders and other stakeholders to the highest standard of corporate and social responsibility and values. The Board also oversees the implementation of the Four Point Strategic Plan designed to deliver sustained growth.

Our Markets

Hydro International does business in the world water market. The company offers solutions for stormwater, wastewater, combined sewer overflows and water conservation.




Over the past 40 years, Hydro International has grown to become a leading worldwide supplier of specialty wet weather and wastewater treatment equipment. Hydro International’s products have evolved from simple vortex overflows to advanced hydrodynamic vortex separators and flow controls, self-cleansing screens and up-flow filters.

Working at Hydro International


Working at Hydro International offers an exciting opportunity to be part of a team that provides leading edge solutions to the world’s most complex water management problems. Whether you are a recent university graduate or a seasoned industry expert, Hydro International can provide you with the challenging and rewarding experiences required for your continued professional development.

Workforce Overview


Hydro’s people are the company’s greatest asset. Hydro’s workforce consists of 130+ professionals from more than 10 different countries.

Based at our offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland and Poland, Hydro employees support customers on 6 continents.

Career Opportunities

Hydro International offers career opportunities in:

  • Civil, Environmental & Hydraulic Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Accounting, Finance & Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Production & Logistics

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Grit King Process

Removes up to 15 times more grit than conventional systems. The Grit King is an advanced hydrodynamic separator that augments gravitational forces to separate grit from water. The Grit King is an economical choice for new or existing municipal or industrial wastewater applications. The Grit King System is comprised of the Grit King unit and a grit washer/classification unit. Valving, grit classifiers, grit pumps, dewatering decanters, and control ...

Hydro FloGard Inlet Control BMPs

Effective inlet control for small drainage sites. The Hydro FloGard product line offers a complete range of inlet filters designed for use at a variety of upstream drainage locations including catch basins, roof drain pipes and driveway trench drains. These effective, low cost BMPs remove pollutants such as trash, debris and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff before they enter the drainage system. Available as the Hydro FloGard +Plus Catch Basin ...


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Technology - Manufacturer

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Water and Wastewater

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Globally (various continents)

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