StormChamber is an open bottom, HDPE infiltration chamber which functions in both permeable and non-permeable soils for subsurface retention, detention, recharge and reuse of storm water, designed to overcome the deficiencies of other technologies. It provides a higher level of nutrient and pollutant removal by taking advantage of the natural biological and physical properties of the soil. StormChamber systems mimic pre-development conditions by putting post-construction runoff back into the ground approximately where it used to go, maintaining base flow to streams, wetlands, lakes, ponds and countering salt-water intrusion in coastal areas. During “normal” conditions, approximately 50% of stream flow is from base flow. Base flow comprises 100% of stream flow during low flow periods. The SedimenTrap component of the StormChamber system eliminates the need for pre-treatment devices and provides a higher level of sediment and debris removal and retention at a fraction of the cost.

About Us

HydroLogic Solutions is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting and water resources research company founded and operated by experts in the fields of ecology, biology and land development. The company staff and its Advisory Board have over 150 years of combined experience in the above disciplines as well as expert knowledge in the areas of environmental planning, engineering, and public health.

In order to meet compliance with the EPA Phase II Storm Water and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) regulations, HydroLogic Solutions has developed the StormChamber as a highly cost effective and environmentally sound alternative management tool for the control of storm water runoff, enhancement of water quality, peak flow attenuation, sediment maintenance and control, and nitrogen, phosphorous, and other pollutant removal, designed to overcome the deficiencies of currently existing technologies.

Mission Statement

Through laboratory development and applied research it is the mission of HydroLogic Solutions to provide innovative and environmentally sound solutions to storm water management and non-point source pollution problems. We are committed to provide solutions and address future storm water management challenges in a practical and cost effective manner.


SedimenTraps - Sediment Management System

SedimenTraps are used along with the StormChamber system to help with sediment management. Two SedimenTraps are typically used for each StormChamber system - in the first and last chamber of the row receiving the storm water inflow.  Sediment that escapes capture in the first SedimenTrap eventually gets washed down to the one in the last chamber of the row.  Use of our SedimenTraps in this manner provides the same function as pre-treatment ...

StormChamber - Water Chamber

StormChamber storm water chambers are less expensive, quicker and easier to install than other types of underground storm water chamber systems.  The side-portal feed provides greater flexibility in engineering and hydraulic design, eliminating circuitous routing of feed pipes from inlet structures to entry point of a header pipe.


Water Quality Services

When investing in stormwater systems, it’s important to not only consider the requirements for storage, but also consider the standards for water quality BMP and exceed them. When combined with SedimenTrap™, no other StormChamber® system can match or exceed the expectations for sediment maintenance at such efficiency.

Retention Services

Storm Water BMP: Understanding the Wet Pond/Retention Basin. Using Storm Chamber for storm water BMP is an incredible option because of the ability of the trench walls and plastic pond liner or similar material to cover the bottom. Retention is a stormwater BMP that takes advantage of the conventional storm water basin. This collects water from the surrounding area, preventing flooding, erosion, and other types of property damage. What makes this ...

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