I.W. Tremont Co., Inc. manufactures and distributes private label and OEM products for environmental monitoring such as water & waste water testing, radiological monitoring and air quality. Industrial process applications include the supply of filter media for filter presses and media for high efficiency air filtration equipment. Analytical materials offered are glass microfiber filter media, cellulose, membranes, weighing papers, smears, reactive materials & rapid tests. A very diverse supplier of technical and specialty products often specified in ASTM and EPA standards.


Depth Filtration Glass Micro Fiber

Depth filtration categorizes filter media that traps particulate within the random matrix of fibers found within the thickness of the media. The efficiency rating of the filter is characteristic of the complex pore structure that develops as the fibers over-lap. The fibrous material within the filter is commonly glass micro fiber or poly-propylene.In depth filters such as glass micro fiber, the purity of the filter is dictated by the presence of, if any, ...

Qualitative Cellulose

Qualitative cellulose filter papers perform separation by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media is widely used in methods requiring the determination and identification of particulate in both liquids and gas. Also this natural fiber filter paper is commonly used to clarify liquid samples.


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Technology - Manufacturer

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Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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