IBCentre (Innovative Business Centre) - service, research & consulting and publishing organization in the cleantech sphere. IBCentre is a platform for the generation and development of innovative projects in the segment of clean technologies, sustainable business, as well as developing and implementing projects and programs in the field of sustainable development, as well as

About us

Renewable Energy Center is an informational and technological core of industry, which aims at creating an effective business platform for development of alternative energy projects, as well as the introduction of new solutions in the energy sector. Reflection of the successful strategies of companies is the growth of their economic performance. The task of REC – achieve this result for renewable energy companies as quickly as possible.

Lines of activities:

  • Marketing consulting;
  • Design consulting;
  • Engineering;
  • Price monitoring and market indexation;
  • Management of renewable energy;
  • Organization of international industry events;
  • Development of information projects in renewable energy

Marketing Consulting

More than 50 companies made use of the services of REC for integrated and segmented market research, analytical predictions in different segments of the renewable and conventional energy. The line of REC’s researches includes the current analytical reports in 11 directions.

Our services:

  • Market research in the following directions:
  • Motor biofuels;
  • Petroleum products;
  • Fuel additives;
  • Liquefied and compressed gas;
  • Solar power;
  • Wind power;
  • Small-scale hydropower;
  • Fuel briquettes and pellets;
  • Wood and agricultural waste to produce biofuels;
  • Biogas and Syngas;
  • Alternative power system;
  • Development of marketing strategy (marketing strategy and product promotion);
  • Definition of competitiveness.

Project Consulting

REC developed a number of business plans in the field of renewable energy, in particular, for production of fuel pellets – 4, production of fuel briquettes – 2, production of biofuels – 2, transfer of heat generation facilities for alternative fuels – 3. The REC successfully accomplished the search and attraction of investments in order to implement the projects of the five companies.

Our services:

  • Developing and maintaining business plans;
  • Preparation of a preliminary feasibility study;
  • Assistance in negotiating with financial institutions;
  • Analysis and development of investment strategy;
  • Assistance in obtaining financing for the project;
  • Formation of project portfolio management strategy.


Fuel Alternative has experience in engineering consulting, as well as procurementfor the projects related to production of straw pellets, the construction of large solid biomass boilers, construction of small solar power system and thermal collectors, production of motor biofuels.

Our services:

  • Preparation of technological scheme of the enterprise;
  • Optimization of technological processes;
  • Reduction of manufacturing energy intensity;
  • Selection and supply of equipment;
  • Selection and organization of the project contractors;
  • Approval of project documentation;
  • Creating a supplying system of raw materials;
  • Creating a system of marketing for finished products;

Price monitoring and indexing

The subject of REC’s investigations are domestic and export prices for commodity products, the imported products and raw materials in various segments of the renewable energy sector, and the indices to be calculated by the analysts ofREC are important indicators of activity for each segment of the industry. The customers receive the price monitoring and market indices in form of periodic (daily, weekly and monthly) industry-specific reports.

Our services:

  • Pricing and resource monitoring for the following directions:
  • Sunflower market (Weekly Report);
  • Wood waste market (Weekly Report);
  • The export market of fuel briquettes and pellets (monthly report);
  • Energy market and renewable energy generation on “green” tariff (monthly report);
  • The market of motor biofuels (weekly report);
  • The market of oil products (daily and weekly reports);
  • Reports on investment activity in the sector indexes (monthly report).

Object Management

The advantage of REC in this direction is the availability of qualified personnel and exclusive market information allowing to make effective decisions.

Our services:

  • Optimization of raw material flows;
  • Optimization of cash flows;
  • Implementation of quality control systems;
  • Assistance in attraction of credit resources;
  • Attracting a strategic investor;
  • Development of marketing strategy;
  • Development and conduct of information and advertising campaigns;

Organization of industry events

REC is the creator and organizer of the annual key business events in the field of renewable energy, in particular, international events, such as: “The Ukrainian Biofuel Forum” (UBF), Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Forum(REF), Seminar “Building an effective production and distribution of briquettes and pellets “, Seminar ” Effective usage of “green” tariff “, etc. These activities is traditionally a meeting place for business communications of Ukrainian companies, as well as companies of CIS countries and Europe, representing a segment of renewable energy. From the time, when the First International Industry Forum “Alternative Fuels-2006″ was conducted in Ukraine, more than 3000 delegates from more than 40 countries participated in the REC Events.

Our business areas:

  • “The Ukrainian Biofuel Forum” (UBF)
  • Renewable Energy Forum (REF)
  • Seminar “Building an effective production and distribution of fuel briquettes and pellets”
  • Seminar “Effective usage of “green “tariff”, etc.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility and standards – We aspire to be a leader of our sphere on the market.

The principles of our daily work in the field of human rights, labor relations to the environment based on international documents:

  • General Declaration of Human Rights
  • Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work International Human
  • Declaration of Rio de Janeiro on Sustainable Development are integral to our operations, as well as the relationship with our customers, partners and employees.

Standards of the Renewable Energy Centre – it’s when we exceed expectations of our clients. We give more than we promise. We offer the most favorable decision. We build only long-term relationship.

Environmental Responsibility

Ecological responsibility

Our goal is to look for and attract projects for realization with the use of the best ideas and technologies that have been proved to be reasonable. Thus, we thoroughly monitor the international market of ecologically friendly technologies and exert every offer in order to attract them to Ukraine.

In our work we not only support the environmental principles of the UN Global Compact, as follows:

  • A proactive approach in addressing environmental problems,
  • Implementation of initiatives for purpose increasing the responsibility for the environment,
  • The development and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies.
  • Since sustainable development is a priority of our work, in the quest for environmental responsibility, we go even further.

Each of our projects have environmental and social component, while in the first quarter of 2012, we intend to present a considerably new business model for our region, which, as we hope, will be picked up by many of the business and social circles.

Our vision

In the age of information – the lack of knowledge with regard to all latest trends of dynamically developing «cleantech» market is not ignorance but the beginning of the end and way towards collapse. Therefore, the Renewable Energy Centre team analyzes, filters and take the most valuable information on recent changes in legislation, important events, new technologies and histories on success stories and failures.

We create our products with a view to concentrate useful knowledge, separation of unnecessary fears and creation of confidence for our clients about tomorrow.

By knowing, what is going on the market, our clients get a possibility to adapt their out-of-date strategies in time, embrace new spheres of activities and get the most out of business.

Center for Renewable Energy does not claim to be the final arbiter of “green” economic and social processes, but our expert opinion is formed on the basis of objective information and unbiased conclusions. We believe that this approach allows time to identify the destructive processes of the market and effectively influence the development of the industry.

All of our work and ongoing projects aimed at promoting sustainable energy development in particular and the “green economy” in Ukraine, Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe – to save and restore the environment, ensuring the highest standards of human life and health, as well as the nature of the Earth without which life itself is impossible …

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