A two-decade commitment to technological innovation has earned In-Situ recognition as the premier manufacturer of in-situ environmental monitoring instrumentation and systems. In both industrialized and developing nations the expertise of professionals is required to protect and ensure the safety of groundwater and surface water resources. In-Situ’s mission is to provide these experts with the tools they need for reliable, accurate assessment of current and long-term site conditions.

About Us

In 1976, Chester McKee fulfilled a lifelong dream and founded In-Situ Inc. from the basement of his Laramie, WY home. Now residing in a modern manufacturing facility in Fort Collins, CO, In-Situ Inc. has become an international company with over 70 employees that specializes in the design, manufacture, and worldwide sale of scientific equipment for the environmental and water-monitoring markets.

Throughout the years, In-Situ Inc. has become known for innovation, quality, and customer service. In 1984, the HERMIT (Hydrologic, Environmental, Remediation and Monitoring InstrumenT) was the first datalogger in the industry to combine field-ruggedness with ease-of-use and high accuracy for pump tests and long-term monitoring. It led to the development of the HERMIT 2000 and 3000 dataloggers. In 1989, In-Situ introduced the world’s first in-well water-level data logger. The TROLL 4000, released in 1995, was the company’s first all-in-one datalogger/transducer/temperature sensor and became the industry standard for a complete, self-contained, long-term monitoring solution for groundwater. The name TROLL was chosen because like a HERMIT, it lives for long periods of isolation in the environment.

During the early years at In-Situ Inc., much of the business stemmed from consulting and sales of monitoring equipment to the in-situ uranium mining industry. After the mining industry fell on hard times, In-Situ Inc. began selling its instruments to companies that were cleaning up hazardous waste sites. Throughout this early period, the company developed the practice of closely working with its customers. It is a practice that continues to the present day and is key to designing products that efficiently solve real-world problems. Today, In-Situ Inc. has instruments that monitor groundwater, surface water, and coastal waters. Applications include aquaculture, mining, flood warning, storm water monitoring and more. Future product lines will continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our loyal and valued customers.

In-Situ Inc.—Innovations in Water Monitoring

As the world’s water resources become increasingly valuable, In-Situ Inc. is dedicated to innovation and expertise in the design and deployment of world-class water monitoring systems. Our technical, sales, and leadership teams have over 500 years of combined experience in the water instrumentation business. Their in-depth understanding of applications and monitoring requirements results in satisfied customers and new product concepts. Our talented design teams take these concepts and meld them with new technologies to create cutting-edge solutions. After product development concludes and manufacturing begins, our lean enterprise and continuous improvement systems produce products with outstanding quality, delivery, and value to customers.


Stewards of Our Environment

In addition to being innovators in the design of world-class water monitoring equipment, experts in the water business, and leaders in lean enterprise, In-Situ Inc. strives to be stewards of the environment by:

  • Using 100% wind-power since January 2006
  • Partnering with the City of Ft. Collins Climate Wise Program—In-Situ Inc. is a Gold Partner.
  • Biking to work—In-Situ Inc. sponsors a Bike-to-Work Day station twice a year and has a Bicycle Friendly Business Bronze Award from the League of American Bicyclists.
  • Recycling and reducing waste—Recycled 1,722 pounds (780 kg) during the 2011 Electronics Recycle Round-Up
  • Volunteering time to projects that maintain local hiking trails and improve water quality
  • Participating in efforts to convert a section of Ft. Collins into a net-zero energy district
  • Using water-wise plants in landscape

In-Situ Receives Environmental Award

On February 25, 2010 In-Situ Inc. received the 2009 Environmental Business Award for Small Companies from the Ft. Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. The award honors a small business that:

  • Makes environmental strides in daily operations.
  • Recognizes the value of using environmental products to enhance the bottom line.
  • Plays an active role in local and global communities.
  • U.S. Senator Michael F. Bennet recognizes In-Situ Inc.


In-Situ - Thermo Scientific Orion Star Meters

Thermo Scientific Orion Star meters feature In-Situ RDO technology. The RDO sensor does not require sample flow, sample stirring, membranes, or electrolyte solution. The RDO sensor operates wtih minimal drift over time, resulting in fewer calibrations. In addition, the RDO sensor does not require conditioning prior to use or if the sensor dries out. Star meters are ideal for measurements from effluent, aeration basins and even influent, as the sensor ...

Level TROLL Family

From advanced aquifer characterization, to long-term monitoring, to economical data collection, you'll find a water level instrument perfectly suited to your application and budget.



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