Established in 1989, ITP is a leading producer of protective engineered textiles and chemical resistant membranes. The company’s technology and expertise is in flame retardant and chemical resistant materials. ITP`s product range includes woven fabrics, coated textiles, membranes and non-woven composites, and the markets served include construction, environmental protection, petrochemical, marine & offshore, defence and chemical protection clothing. Products are researched, developed and stringently tested to provide customers with innovative solutions meeting specific requirements and performing in the most challenging of situations. Product development work for customers with specific requirements is an important element of the business. Advanced manufacturing technology is used to ensure consistent quality and reliability, and support systems are in place to provide batch traceability.


Powerbase - Model MultiGas 420 - Gas Barrier

Reinforced aluminium composite Methane and CO2 gas barrier material. Supplied as pre-fabricated panels to specified footprint. High quality multi-layer reinforced LDPE membrane with aluminium core with high levels of tear and impact resistance. Also available in rolls for joining on-site. Joins can be taped or thermally hot air / hot wedge welded. Also acts as a damp proof membrane.

Powerclad - Thermal Insulation Sheeting Flame Retardant

Effective system for conditioning working environments in both hot and cold climates, Improves heat retention, Woven construction for high tensile strength, Conforms to BS 7955, Waterproof outer layer, Cellular air-pocket insulate inner layer, Excellent low-temperature characteristics


Puraflex Chemical Resistance Testing

Puraflex has been tested to the following EN Chemical Resistance Standards. Note that ASTM D5322 is a widely recognised test method for chemical resistance and it is incorporated within the EPA Method 9090 and ASTM D5747. Both EN 14414 and EN 14415 incorporate the ASTM D5322 test procedures.

Puraflex Quality Assured

Puraflex Approved Distributors are carefully selected stockholding distributors qualified to provide design and installation advice.


Puraflex - Permeation Modeller Software

Given a known level of contaminants in a soil, how effective will a barrier membrane be in keeping the soil on the “clean” side safe from the contaminants?. Reporting on over 200 hydrocarbons and toxic chemicals, Puraflex Permeation Modeller is a powerful and effective software program that calculates site-specific permeation rates for soil contaminants.



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Soil and Groundwater

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Globally (various continents)

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