InfoHarvest works with mediators and independent 3rd parties to engage the public in complex decisions around environmental resources. It provides decision analysis, GIS, content analysis and decision software support to government, corporate and NGOs. Its flagship product is Criterium DecisionPlus, a multi-criteria-decision analysis software package for windows, and Priority Mapper, an MCDA extension for ESRI`s ArcInfo products. InfoHarvest was founded in 1995 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

About Us

InfoHarvest Inc is a Seattle-based company offering
  • desktop, intranet and internet decision tools
  • decision system integration services
  • decision system consulting and training
  • decision engines for Value Added Resellers


Custom Decision Analysis Integration Services

Power up your business with InfoHarvest's DecisionHarvest framework and our propriatary Decision Analysis SDK. Integration services are available for desktop, intranet or internet applications at the Workgroup or Enterprise level.

Decision Analysis And Criterium Decisionplus 3.0 Training Services

InfoHarvest offers on-site CDP Training Seminars. Two Day CDP Premium Training Package includes: decision analysis tools and methodologies; understanding the core algorithms used in CDP; CDP decision models, analysis and reports; analyzing uncertainty and tradeoffs; sample model building; best practices in decision design; consulting tailored to clients' specific CDP models and applications.  The course is designed as a hands-on training ...


Criterium DecisionPlus - Version 3.0 - Decision Manager

The leading 32-bit Windows decision manager that helps you move quickly to a decision and successfully promote your recommendations. Now you can use the full power and speed of your 32-bit computer to manage the entire decision process. Applying a structured methodology to decision making, Criterium DecisionPlus helps you make precise, thoughtful, and completely supportable decisions -- Quickly and efficiently! Criterium DecisionPlus 3.0 is current ...

Criterium DecisionPlus - Version WDObj 3.0 - Weighted Decision Object

The WDObj encapsulates the decision processing capability of Criterium DecisionPlus in an ActiveX (COM) object. Incorporate the WDObj into your applications and add the ability to apply the decision making models you create with CDP to automate decisions. WDO enables you to go beyond data access and build applications that implement true decision analysis with tradeoffs, prioritization, and contributions analysis. The WDObj is designed to be ...


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Software vendor

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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems

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Globally (various continents)

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