Founded in 1983, Inplus supports industrial enterprises and public administration to comply with legal requirements in the environmental, health and safety area. For these purposes we develop innovative and reliable IT solutions and offer first-class consulting and services. Our customers profit from security, saving of time and transparency while performing complex tasks.

20 years of EH&S experience

Our portfolio has a main focus on the following two fields of activity:

Compliance Management:
> Permit & Approval Management
> Liability Monitoring
> Compliance Documentation

EHS Management:
> Risk Management
> Emission Management: Air, Water, Waste.
> Environmental Reporting

Excellent projects on an excellent basis:

UMsys - Universal Management System - is an integrated IT solution and the basis of all provided modules for environmental, health and safety management:

  • UMsys is suitable for a wide range of operational tasks,
  • can be integrated smoothly into existing IT environments and
  • cross-links internal UMsys with data from other systems.

Both enterprises and administration benefit thus from the advantages of an integrated data base without having to give up well functioning individual solutions.


Emission Management

The control of industrial emissions is worldwide one of the most important fields of environmental protection. It covers measurements for air and noise, monitorings, plant safety and is the main part in operational permits. UMsys for Emission Management is the perfect solution for these complex tasks: UMsys displays objects relevant for immission control in clear hierarchical structure and with specific attributes. UMsys supports all kinds of monitoring ...

UMsys - Universal Management

'Investment decisions in enterprises are not taken because of a single aspect in the triangle of economic, ecological and social interests. They are the result of the coaction of all three.' Isolated management branches are still one the largest obstacles in the information flow of companies. In this situation UMsys - Universal Management provides powerful support for data integration and security, transparency and efficiency in all areas of activity. ...


UMsys Environmental Management

UMsys is a leading solution for comprehensive EHS management. UMsys meets a wide range of requirements and provides efficiency and cost reduction as well as data and investment security. The UMsys specialist modules are freely combinable and are all based on a redundancy-free, integrated database.

Liability Monitoring - make sure to get things done!

Today´s markets require ever faster new products, new methods of production and thus new production plants. At the same time a comprehensive body of legislation provides for protection of the employees, the production plants and the environment. For the company that means: large time and money investments for co-ordination, fulfilment and documentation of the liabilities.


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