Are you ready to cut your wastewater treatment costs? Integrated Engineers provides consulting, equipment and waste water chemicals for the industrial waste water market.  We manufacture and design wastewater equipment and non-hazardous pre-treatment chemicals (Floccin™), as well as provide consulting and engineering services. Our Floccin™ products are a line of dry granular chemicals that replace the commonly used chemicals (coagulants and flocculants). The Floccin™ products are a one-step wastewater treatment products that are designed to remove oil and grease, reduces BOD, TSS and heavy metals.  The sludge generated is non-hazardous and passes the US EPA toxic leaching procedure by retaining these contaminants. The Floccin™ provides a finished water quality with lower levels of TDS as compare to coagulants and flocculants.

Our industries include oil field services, oil recovery, corrugating, food processing, metal finishing, erosion and sediment control, coatings, paper, fish processing, wineries, and more!

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What We Do

The Approach
Integrated Engineers' approach to water & wastewater systems is unique in that your entire wastewater process is evaluated. A comprehensive evaluation of your system is performed including engineering aspects, equipment and chemistry. You can even pilot test your system before committing to full scale implementation.

The Process
You get the expertise of a broad network of experienced wastewater professionals, equipment manufacturers, and chemical suppliers, which we utilize to provide you with state of the art, cost effective wastewater treatment solutions that work. The wastewater optimization process involves exhaustively studying your current wastewater system or proposed system in a series of stpes, including looking at processes occurring before your wastewater system is utilized. In this way weak steps or links are identified and optimized.

The Result
All of this results in helping you achieve increased capacity, increased compliance and most importantly a potentially significant increase in profits. You will find that you truly can have it all with Integrated Engineers' unique proprietary line of flocculating agents coupled with complete turn key wastewater solutions. Wastewater optimization can be applied to virtually all industries Learn more about the services and products we offer:




Integrated Engineers has been working in the wastewater treatment field for over 20 years. Our experience provides us knowledge in all areas of waste water treatment from the chemical to the equipment side as well as experience and proven results in a variety of applications.

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Floccin™ / Chemicals


Treatment of wastewater is often done by adding chemicals. Not only do we offer chemicals that align with industry standards, but we have also created our own non-toxic patented  patented FloccinTM. These products have proven themselves time and again to out perform all others. Providing you with the treated water you need at a price you can afford. 

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Equipment & Systems


Whether you need a modification to your existing equipment, one piece of equipment to improve your operations or an entire system to maximize your water treatement and cost savings we will work with you find the perfect fit for your operation and your budget.

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About Us


20 Years of Wastewater Treatment


To make wasterwater environmental compliance simple, effective, and affordable for industries. We do so through combining engineering expertise, chemical engineering and equipment engeneering to provide our customers with a unique holistic wastewater optimization process.


Integrated Engineers, Inc was established in 1994 by David Wensloff, P. E. To achieve his vision David invented the Floccin™ line of wastewater flocculants for superior liquid solid separation and has designed and engineered wastewater equipment. Since its inception Integrated Engineers has established a reputation for wastewater solutions that work, has helped industries save millions of dollars, has increased wasterwater processing capacity by millions of gallons and has created a long list of satisfied customers.


Oxygen Flow Controller - Automated (OFC) For Wastewater Treatment

Provides automated oxygen flow control to maintain a user-set dissolved oxygen level in an aeration basin for industrial wastewater treatment. Dissolved oxygen concentration measurements are taken using a luminescent dissolved oxygen sensor. This high tech sensor is unaffected by pH, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, wastewater chemicals, and organic buildup. Periodic wiping of the sensor face is all that is required for accurate operation. Frequent ...

Bio Reactors

A BioReactor is a biological wastewater treatment system used to degrade high levels of BOD (BioChemical Oxygen Demand). This is achieved with the use of a series of tanks, blowers, and pumps that are specially designed to maintain an aerobic biomass (population of bacteria that eat the organic constituents that makeup the BOD). A BioReactor gives industry an option to treat BOD in an economical and reliable manner for biological oxygen demand reduction ...


Wastewater Treatability

Send a sample to our lab for testing, free of charge. Based on the tests, we will recommend a treatment process with performance guarantees, such as 80% removal of BOD (biological oxygen demand) or 95% removal of TSS (total suspended solids), etc. Integrated Engineers also offers treatability pilot studies for proving out the results of the jar testing performed on your wastewater. We will assemble a pilot system specially designed for your ...


Integrated Engineers is also experienced and efficient with system installs and testing of installed equipment. Our staff of engineers and contractors can assist you with installing your dewatering equipment, mix tanks, equalization systems, pH control systems, service contracts and much more. Please email our sales department for more information on this service.


Wastewater Operator Training

Integrated Engineers also provides training for your wastewater operators when you purchase one of our systems, this often includes 1-5 days of training on the new equipment, how to setup and run the Floccin product and Feeders. We also provide training instructions and operation manuals with all our equipment and Floccin blends. Please email our sales department for more information on this service and related services.



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