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Engineering Consultants

Integrated Engineers, our name speaks for itself, a team of engineers that can supply consultant support to optimize your industrial wastewater treatment system, guide through the process from beginning to end on the latest technologies, what works, what doesn't work and the most cost effective treatment applications that will help you keep in compliance.

System Evaluation

Integrated Engineers provides you with comprehensive Engineering & Consulting Services: System Evaluations, Feasibility Analysis, Wastewater System Renovation, New System Design & Installation, System Start-ups & Troubleshooting, Process Engineering, Waste Minimization Studies, Sludge Disposal Studies, Regulatory Compliance, Treatability Studies, Surcharge Reduction Studies, Operator & Management, Training of Water & Wastewater...


Integrated Engineers can also help you with permitting your facility with the local water control board. With our staff of trained experienced engineers, we can help you through the difficult and often confusing process of obtaining a permit for wastewater treatment. Please email our sales department for more information on this valuable service.

Pulp and Paper Services and Consulting

Integrated Engineers Services for the Pulp & Paper Industry As with all industries, the Integrated line of flocculating agents has proven to be extremely effective for the paper and pulp industry. From the paper mill to the corrugating sheet plant to converting and paperboard packaging, Floccin™ can help you streamline your wastewater treatment process and eliminate weak links and processes. Integrated has helped many companies in the pulp...

Design and Build Turn Key Systems

We design and build turn key systems; design an entire system for you with our design software and present it to you with a full operational manual, then supply all the equipment, plumbing material for installation, as an added option we also can install the system for you and our team of engineers can train your operators on the new system! Please email us for more information on our design and build systems.

Wastewater Treatability

Send a sample to our lab for testing, free of charge. Based on the tests, we will recommend a treatment process with performance guarantees, such as 80% removal of BOD (biological oxygen demand) or 95% removal of TSS (total suspended solids), etc. Integrated Engineers also offers treatability pilot studies for proving out the results of the jar testing performed on your wastewater. We will assemble a pilot system specially designed for your...

Wastewater Operator Training

Integrated Engineers also provides training for your wastewater operators when you purchase one of our systems, this often includes 1-5 days of training on the new equipment, how to setup and run the Floccin product and Feeders. We also provide training instructions and operation manuals with all our equipment and Floccin blends. Please email our sales department for more information on this service and related services.


Integrated Engineers is also experienced and efficient with system installs and testing of installed equipment. Our staff of engineers and contractors can assist you with installing your dewatering equipment, mix tanks, equalization systems, pH control systems, service contracts and much more. Please email our sales department for more information on this service.

Wastewater - Definition Of

Wastewater is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by anthropogenic influence. It comprises liquid waste discharged by domestic residences, commercial properties, industry, and/or agriculture and can encompass a wide range of potential contaminants and concentrations. Industrial site drainage (silt, sand, alkali, oil, chemical residues), industrial cooling waters, industrial process waters, organic or bio-degradable waste, including...

8 Services found
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