InvertClean presents a revolutionary upgrade to your existing ventilation & air-conditioning systems. CleanFlow is a device attached to your ventilation/air conditioning system, that can disinfect and aromatize the air stream. CleanFlow is digitally operated air dosing unit that can be mounted on the system near the inlet ventilator and injects disinfection fluid that cleans airstream of more than 300 different bacteria`s that endanger your health. Between disinfections intervals - CleanFlow is used for aromatizing the air with more than 1000 optional pleasant aromas.


CleanFlow 10L

CleanFlow 10L is made for larger consumers like - hotels, bus & train stations, hospitals, schools, night clubs etc.

CleanFlow 25L Dual

CleanFlow 25L is made for larger buildings and systems where other models of CleanFlow are not sufficient enough.

Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Manufacturer

Industry Type:
Air and Climate

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


more than 1,000,000,000 €


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