Isodaq Technology designs and manufactures data loggers and telemetry systems for monitoring water and the environment at remote sites. Our award winning GPRS data loggers have been supplied to drainage authorities, water companies and governmental rivers and environmental regulators for applications including rainfall loggers, water-level logger systems and flood warning systems. We also specialise in providing turnkey hydrometric monitoring systems; our real-time flow measurement and water quality monitoring systems are also used for industrial applications to comply with UK EPR and MCERTS regulations.

Isodaq specialise in real-time monitoring at remote sites, applications such as:

  • Weather measurement – wind and weather logging and rainfall logger applications with storm intensity alarms
  • Water level measurement – sensors for level logger applications in rivers, reservoirs or boreholes
  • Flow measurement – open-channel flow measurement in rivers, treatment works or culverts.
  • Water quality monitoring – range of single/multi-parameter probes for surface or groundwater
  • Status and condition-based monitoring – pump status and flood gate position monitoring
  • Flood and pollution warning systems – real-time telemetry and early warning systems

Isodaq Technology is a division of the Hydro-Logic Group, established in 1985 and now employing more than 50 staff based at regional offices throughout the UK. This includes staff employed by our sister Company HydroLogic Services which provides consultancy services in water resources, hydrology, hydrometry and related field services.

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We distribute our Isodaq telemetry products including GPRS data loggers  to many countries around the world and welcome enquiries from potential new international partners.

Isodaq Technology Division

ISODAQ TECHNOLOGY is a Division of Hydro-Logic Ltd encompassing all the staff involved in development and support of instrumentation and software systems plus the company's product sales and marketing team. We specialise in the supply of monitoring systems for the water and environmental regulatory industries with particular capability in flow monitoring.

The ISODAQ team based in Stirling, Scotland, is an award winning product development group offering creativity and innovation, and a broad range of technical expertise to take projects from idea to successful production. ISODAQ design the electronics, firmware, software and mechanical parts but outsource the manufacture of most components. The final testing is carried out in-house. This arrangement allows flexible production - we can produce tens or thousands of products per year.

As well as designing and manufacturing all the ISODAQ badged datalogging and telemetry products shown on this site, we also take on customised design projects for other cients or enter into collaborative ventures for specific products. A good example of this is the Hawkeye product developed in partnership with IETG Ltd of Leeds, which has won two major awards since it's launch in 2004.

Our Data Systems team in Bromyard has been responsible for the design and support of software products such as HydroLog, Rainark, Gauger and Pocket Gauger, all of which have in their time been industry-standard products in the UK for managing time-series, and/or flow gauging data in national hydrometric networks.

To complete the range of products, we also work closely with manufacturers of quality software and sensor products. We are exclusive resellers in the UK and Ireland of the range of flow meters from internationally respected manufactuers such as Teledyne RDi (US) and Mace (Australia).

Hydro-Logic Group


Company Background

Hydro-Logic Ltd is an independent UK-based Company established with the objective of delivering high quality solutions for the water and environmental protection industries. The Company was founded in 1985 by the current Managing Director Rod Hawnt, who is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Water and Environmental Manager and former President of the British Hydrological Society. In this time HL has gained a reputation as one of the UK's leading specialists in the monitoring and management of water resource and waste water systems. The Company employs over 50 permanent staff across two business divisions at five office locations at Bromyard (Headquarters), Tiverton, Mortimer (Reading), Sheffield and Stirling.


Our clients include:

  • Building contractors and developers
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Educational and research organisations
  • Environmental consultants and regulators
  • Government departments
  • Industrial water users
  • Local drainage authorities
  • Mineral extraction companies
  • National environmental regulators
  • Rivers Authorities
  • Sports and leisure enterprises
  • Water companies.

With an increasingly wider range of both services and products to offer to an expanding client-base, we want to make it easier for our clients to find the information they need about our solutions, and also provide a choice of how these solutions can be procured from Hydro-Logic Ltd.

Company Organisation

We deliver our range of services and products through separate business divisions as follows:

  • Isodaq Technology - for development or supply of state-of-the-art instrumention products and information systems for water environment monitoring applications.
  • HydroLogic Services - for clients wanting advice or consultancy services in water resources, hydrology, hydrometry and related field services.

Isodaq Technology and HydroLogic Services are divisions of Hydro-Logic Ltd which is a Limited Company registered in England, Company Register Number 1287366, VAT Number 388 7002 27.


Remote monitoring applications

Our objective is to provide users with a choice of the very best quality measurement systems available on the market today, particularly those that offer the lowest cost of ownership in the long-term. Because HydroLogic Group staff have extensive field operating experience of monitoring networks, our specialists can also give advice on which system is best suited to meet your individual requirements. By understanding your applications and the needs of your business we aim to help you improve data collection efficiency, reduce operating costs, and help your organisation satisfy environmental or regulatory compliance using best measurement practice e.g BSI, CEN or ISO Standards, or certified systems such as the UK Environment Agency's MCERTS scheme.

Our solutions generally fall under two alternative, generic types of measurement systems, both of which offer battery-powered recording of water environment parameters at remote sites, and most also have telemetry capability because we strongly believe that in 2010’s real-time access not only provides the best value for capturing high quality data from remote sites, but it also enables organisations to reduce site visits, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of monitoring work.

These are:-

The choice of which type of system is preferred is dictated by many different factors, including type of site or process being monitoring, the regulatory regime, the availability of skilled technical staff, the remoteness and accessibility of the site. The degree of integration required with existing monitoring systems e,g SCADA or operational databases, will also determine whether or not our Timeview Telemetry data bureau service is the best way to bring data from remote sites into your corporate network server, your own desktop PC, smart-phone or mobile phone.


Isodaq - Model Frog RX GSM/GPRS - Telemetry Data Logger

Like its namesake, FROG is an unobtrusive friend that sits quietly keeping an eye on things, ready to leap into action when there is imminent danger. Frog RX operates either as a standalone battery-powered data logger or as a telemetry logger and is ideal for rapid deployment for water resources monitoring e.g as a river level logger, flood level logger or raingauge logger. An internal GSM/GPRS modem is built onto the main logger board to provide all ...

Nivus - Model PCM 4 - Portable Flow Meter - Cross Correlation Method

The PCM 4 is a battery-powered portable flow meter which provides for accurate flow measurement in difficult channels where weirs and flumes cannot be installed due to the hydraulic conditions. The device utilizes the ultrasonic cross correlation method., which measures the velocity profile in the channel, helping to minimize the need for regular on-site calibration checks. The device is suitable for measuring flows in small open-channels channels or ...


Water measurement systems & sensors for flow measurement

The recommended type of measurement system will depend on several site-specific factors such as :-

Water measurement systems & sensors for measuring water level & depth

The recommended type of measurement system or water level logger system will depend on several site-specific factors such as :-


Bespoke Software Development Services

We believe that the best software and database tools reflect the core functions and aspirations of an organisation, and help it to achieve its aims through efficiency, communication, and delivery. We have been producing software products and offering data migration and bespoke software services since Hydro-Logic Ltd was established in 1985. Many of these products subsequently produced have become industry standards for hydrometric data ...

After Sales Support Services

Isodaq Technology, as an operating Division of Hydro-Logic Ltd, has supplied thousands of data acquisition and management systems to hundreds of clients. These systems often comprise of a combination of equipment, field instrumentation, data capture systems and office-based data acquisition and management systems. Many of these systems (including those supplied under the Isodaq brand) although technically quite complex have been designed and ...


Isodaq - Version TimeBase4 - Time Series Data Management System

TimeBase is the very latest time-series data management system developed by Hydro-Logic for use in environmental and industrial applications where time-series data has been collected using data loggers and in particular telemetry data loggers.

Hydro-Logic - Version HydroLog4 - Time-Series Database System

HydroLog4 is a time-series database system which was first developed by Hydro-Logic Ltd in 1988. The system has since been widely used in the UK as a database for managing data collected by large networks of data loggers and telemetry outstations installed at hydrometric, water resources or wastewater monitoring stations.   The pedigree of the current Windows version dates back to 1996 when HydroLog2 (DOS) system was adopted by the ...


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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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